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I built this electric go kart over the course of a few years.  I got the frame on Craigslist, and spent a long time restoring it.  The original frame came with a roll cage, but I removed it because it was a little to small for me.Then I bought the majority of the other components from scooter and Go Kart supply stores.  The motor is 36v and 1000w.  The controller is meant for an electric scooter, but I controlled it using a hall-effect pedal I found, instead of a wrist controlled throttle.  The seat is a tractor seat I bought from a friend.  I custom-made a box with a voltmeter to show battery charge, a key switch for ignition, fuse, and the charging outlet.  The batteries are 12v, 14ah sealed lead acid, and are wired in series.  I built the wheel assembly for the drive wheel myself.  All the wheels and tires are go kart wheels I bought on Ebay, and as of now are my main problem, as the bearing are low quality and keep wearing out.  In terms of performance, it has a top speed of about 25 miles per hour, can complete a U-Turn in a neighborhood street, and can brake from top speed in about 20 feet.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about this project!


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Hi - I have a 48v 20ah lipo lithium battery can you tell me a strong motor i can run with this battery for my go kart? something not too expensive

___ (author)  haleem.ali.3912 days ago
Theoretically you could run any 48v battery off of it. 20ah won't give you much run time htough.
Pachops4274 months ago

Nice Kart! From my (extremely limited) knowledge of Hall-Effect pedals, you need a scooter controller as well... Any ideas how you'd set that up? (I'm guessing so since you've built one)

kikid1125 months ago
Hello, im going to make a Gokart and i have big electromotor it works on 24v,2,5A, 3000rpm but only problem is that the power is only 25w, is there any way to increase power of that motor, i think it can be more powerful because its really big motor but i dont know why it has low power
shakti.bajaj15 months ago

Hello !

Can u tell me about power, mass, acceleration, speed of a kart which u had made ?

Yardbirdie6 months ago

what material could be used for building up the base frame??

___ (author)  Yardbirdie6 months ago

Steel would probably be the strongest and easiest to weld. You could use aluminum to keep the weight low, but that would come with some construction challenges. I've seen some wood gokarts, which seem like the easiest to contruct, but the weakest as well.

nishant226 months ago

I want to make a electric car for mechanical project I need a dc motor less than equal to 3000 w max rpm 3600 max torque 12.8 nm at 2400 rpm power consumption max 48 volt can u recomend me some motor name or link which would suit best for me....thanx in advance...

___ (author)  nishant226 months ago

If it's a full size electric car, then 3kW will be way to small for any normal driving. I got my gokart motor from a scooter supply shop, so you could check those sorts of websites. I can't really help with any more specific specifications, sorry.

M_a_t_t6 months ago

How do the bike forks work?

___ (author)  M_a_t_t6 months ago

They prop up the seat a little to allow the forks cushion bumps.

i know this question is a lil silly to ask but can we use a 5/6 volt motor having 10000 rpm and a potentiometer to run a go kart?

___ (author)  Atharva Kshatriya7 months ago

Do you know the power (wattage) of the motor? It would take some incredibly serious engineering to get useful work for a go-kart out of a motor with 10,000 rpm. I would probably look for a new motor. Good luck on your project!

SeanK17 months ago

how long do the batteries last?

___ (author)  SeanK17 months ago

Around 30 minutes of driving time in my experience.

Jack Moran8 months ago

That's Cool!

ragrawal51 year ago
Hey...i m too thinking of working on dis project...i had a doubt... cud v use a small generator to charge d batteries while d wheels rotate d axle of wud make it self charging!!??
___ (author)  ragrawal51 year ago

The First Law of Thermodynamics tells us that it is impossible for a contraption like that to work indefinitely, no matter how helpful it would be. There is always going to be some loss of energy in the system. However, you can use something similar that extends the range of the electric vehicle (not indefinitely) by recharging the batteries with the motor when the brakes are applied. Some of the energy of the cart goes back into the batteries, allowing the vehicle to operate longer. This device is called a regenerative brake, and is used by many major electric vehicle designers. The Wikipedia article will give you a good idea of its uses and limitations. Electric vehicle designs can be very complex but simple designs can be successful and useful to learn from. Please reply with any questions you may have!

ragrawal5 ___1 year ago
Thnxx fr such nice explanation and a quick reply...can you please suggest me the whole wiring including the battery controller motor. And pls tell me what gear ratio to use?? What type and rating of voltage/ power battery and motor to use? (keeping it in mind dat i cud at least drive for 50 minutes at avg 25 km/hr.. fyi m a bit heavy)
___ (author)  ragrawal511 months ago

I've answered most of these questions in other comments, but keep in mind range is related to the capacity of your batteries as well as the power draw of the motor. Wiring will depend on the controller you are using.

Also can you please suggest wether i should put on some cooling fan for the heating motor? Thnx in advance!!
___ (author)  ragrawal511 months ago

Some motors have fans built in. If the motor you are using is getting to hot, then you should confirm that you are supplying the correct current to the motor, and if you are, then try using a cooling system.

gautham00711 months ago

bro,can you give me the full specifications of motor,batteries and the stearing mechanism of this go kart i want to build the same thing....and also how to apply the motor contoler and gear to the motor......

___ (author)  gautham00711 months ago

Motor: 36v, 1,000 watts

Batteries: 3x 12v, 48ah wired in series

The steering is just the standard tie-rod mechanism that is common with go karts. The wiring for the controller depends on the controller itself, but most should have a diagram. The wheel is driven by the motor with a scooter chain. Good luck on your project, and please let me know if you any more questions.

automobi1 year ago

simply amazing :)

as i gone through all mentions about this project, i would like to know how to determine the basic idea to select-

battery type

motor type

what if i want to build a kart weighs (frame=25kg + avg driver=60 kg) near about 100 kg. and desired speed = 35-40 km/ph .so,what will be the ideal categories and specifications of motor and battery (data) to select in order to get DESIRED WORK MODEL

___ (author)  automobi1 year ago
What kind of frame do you have? Is it a racing kart, homemade, wood, or some other thing?

This may sound like a complete rookie question but do you know if you can use one controller for two motors because i am aiming to give mine two 1000w motor for higher top speed as i live in a very hilly area

___ (author)  Louis_Flinn1 year ago

Not a bad question at all! Dual motors setups are a great way to increase power, but they have a few caveats. Regardless of the number of controllers you use, you should make sure that you use a live axle. A live axle spins with the wheels, ensuring that each rotation of a wheel is matched with an equal rotation of the other wheel. If you don't have a live axle, you will run into problems with two wheels running at different speeds. It's manageable in some cases, but a live axle is always better. But in terms of controllers, you should be able to get away with one controller, as long as you make sure that it is rated for the power that both motors will draw, and you wire it correctly. Feel free to ask for any clarification. I'm glad to help.

samurai961 year ago

Hi, was just wondering about your electronics setup, where did you get the motor controller from and what was the circuit like, for example batteries wired to controller wired to motor? I'm building a small electric kart with some friends and we have the motor, batteries and wire but aren't sure how to connect it. Thanks in advance

___ (author)  samurai961 year ago

I got the motor from a scooter supply store. Make sure that you purchase the correct controller for the power of the motor you have. The wiring depends on the controller. Good luck on your project!

hey nice kart there, i have just started on my own projct n already running into trouble with weight the kart along with one person is gona weigh 150kg you think a 800 watts motor can pull it?
___ (author)  ntahasildar1 year ago
Probably not man. I'd say a kilowatt is the acceptable minimum.
hey i have already placed the order for the motor isnt there anyway i can use the motor its for a college project and its fine if it only moves slowly
___ (author)  ntahasildar1 year ago
As long as you use the correct controller you should be fine.
the kart you build how much does it weigh approx?
___ (author)  ntahasildar1 year ago

This is a complete estimate, but probably around 100 pounds without a rider.

Glenn_F1 year ago
How fast will it go and how far on a single charge?
___ (author)  Glenn_F1 year ago
It has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of around 10-12 miles.
blake1251 year ago
What did u search to find the frame and how much did it cost u
___ (author)  blake1251 year ago
I found the frame on Craigslist in fairly poor condition. I believe I searched "Go Kart" or "Go Kart Frame." I don't remember exactly how much it costed me, but it was probably in the neighborhood of 40 USD, which was reasonable considering the amount of rust on it.
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