Picture of Electric Guitar Cake
My son wanted a car for his 16th birthday. He also wanted a guitar. I was cheap so he got the guitar. He also got a matching cake to go with it. This cake is modeled after the Kona KES1 Series Double Cutaway Red Electric Guitar. Of course, you can make any kind of guitar cake you want, but the instructions are written for this cake - exactly as you see it pictured here.

I’ve been making birthday cakes for my family for years. I search online for inspiration, tips, and (because I can be quite lazy at times) shortcuts are always welcome. I am definitely an amateur but I enjoy decorating cakes and want to show people that they too can make beautiful cakes with just a few materials and some patience.

This was my first time creating a cake with fondant. I had previously avoided fondant like the plague but I knew this cake would look so much better with fondant.

To avoid the bland, undesirable taste of store-bought fondant, I decided to try making marshmallow fondant. I could make it fairly quickly and flavor it as I wished. I used a great recipe that can be found at What's Cooking America. It turned out beautifully and I have been using the same recipe ever since.

This cake looks big - especially stretched across a board 2  feet long, but it is made from a modest 9" x 13" cake so you can bake the cake right at home and shouldn't have to worry about too many leftovers.
tgordon72 years ago
Im cheap too lol. That and I've noticed when trying to add color to fondant I always get a marbeling effect, which doesnt work unless you're wanting camo lol. How did you make the gold bridge? And Thank you so very much for getting back to me so quickly.
mrscoloradogal (author)  tgordon72 years ago
It's just a fat fondant rectangle with strips of fondant across the top. Then I used a dab of water to "glue" them all together. It was "painted" and dried before being placed on the cake (because it actually went on top of the strings).

I used Wilton Pearl Dust to paint it along with all the other metallic looking parts. You need to add quite a bit of the pearl dust to just a few drops of water/alcohol/extract but a little goes a long way. If the mixture is too thin, the metallic color won't show.

I've also tried using the Pearl Dust dry but it was VERY faint. You couldn't even tell any had been applied. I opt to paint it on every time.
tgordon72 years ago
I am making an electric guitar cake for Friday. I love your easy to follow instructions. I have some questions though. All I own is gel colors...would I still paint the same way?

And...I have used MMF for years now. I Love it for decorations, but I cant stand it when having to cover a cake. I go to roll it out and it always seems to be "too" elastic, if that makes sense. Just when I think I have the right size, its like it retracts a bit. It seems to be more like modeling clay then fondant. Plus I have found, also that if I dont sift my powdered sugar, I tend to have little sugar balls everywhere. So not pretty. What am I doing wrong? Please help me. Totally frustrated! And i just figured I would ask an expert ;)
mrscoloradogal (author)  tgordon72 years ago
Oh, I am NOT an expert. I found that I always have to sift my sugar and the longer I knead, the more pliable the fondant. Humidity also changes the results. If you still have trouble, ice the cake instead and make the rest out of fondant.

The gel colors will be fine for painting (that's what I use - concentrated gel). I just prefer to paint on colors because I get a brighter color and I can be sure I have enough fondant to cover everything. I'm so cheap, I don't want to make too much of one color and not enough of another.
canida3 years ago
Wow, this is beautiful! You have amazing attention to detail.
I wouldn't want to damage the decoration with candles either, much less eat it. :)
mrscoloradogal (author)  canida3 years ago
Thank you! We had no problem eating it :)
TheMacyC3 years ago
One of the awesomest cakes I've ever seen !
You got my vote + 5 star rating !
mrscoloradogal (author)  TheMacyC3 years ago
Wow! Thank you so much!
That is an amazing cake! I'm not really a guitarist, but I would still love to have/eat this cake!
Thanks! I leave the guitar playing to other people, but I definitely partake in the guitar cake eating :)
poofrabbit3 years ago
Well done!!
mrscoloradogal (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Love that High-Five! Thank you!
dreamberry3 years ago
Cars rust. They are temporary. The music will last a lifetime. You are an awesome mom!
mrscoloradogal (author)  dreamberry3 years ago
Awww...Thanks! He was actually quite pleased when his friends thought he had the "coolest birthday cake ever" and then started jamming on their guitars :)
calskin3 years ago
Great job!
mrscoloradogal (author)  calskin3 years ago
Thank you!
omg! it reminds me of the one i saw at michaels! :D but you did a really cool spin on it! :D http://www.michaels.com/Duff-Guitar-Cake-Kit/bk0737,default,pd.html
mrscoloradogal (author)  kristylynn843 years ago
Wow, is that from a cake pan? It sure would have come in handy. The only cake mold I had seen before was the Wilton acoustic guitar pan and that one was just NOT going to work
lol! no, i believe it came with templates. they just clearanced them out, too. :)
WYE_Lance3 years ago
Wow, what a stunning cake. Clearly you put a lot of time and thought into each aspect of the cake's design. Very clear and detailed instructions, too. You certainly have my vote for the cake decorating contest!
mrscoloradogal (author)  WYE_Lance3 years ago
Thank you! It took a lot of time but was well worth it. I certainly appreciate your vote!