Picture of Free Electric Hand Warmer/Stove
Small nine volt heater. Stop at step three for the case and the battery clip.
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Step 1: Tools And Supplies

Picture of Tools And Supplies
Hand warmer 001.jpg
Hand warmer 003.jpg
Hand warmer 008.jpg
Hand warmer 002.jpg
Hand warmer 017.jpg
Hand warmer 005.jpg
Hand warmer 018.jpg

Ni chrome wire or thick steel wool type thing, different thicknesses and lengths heat differently. Some wire will need more voltage to glow red hot.

9 volt battery w/ metal case


Some kind of adhesive


Soldering iron

Utility knife

Flat head screwdriver


Step 2: Dissecting The Battery

Picture of Dissecting The Battery
Hand warmer 009.jpg
Use your screwdriver to pry open the top of the battery. Inside the battery are 6 AAAA cells (you need everything but these and the bottom cover).

Step 3: Creating The Heating Element

Picture of Creating The Heating Element
Cut about 1" of whichever wire you are using and solder both ends onto the contacts on the backside of the top cover of the battery (the picture explains it better). You can also stop here and solder wires onto the contacts to use it as a battery clip and use the case for whatever you like.

Step 4: Install Heater Into Case

Picture of Install Heater Into Case
Hand warmer 022.jpg
Apply your adhesive to the BOTTOM of the battery case and slide in the heating element. Try not to let the wire touch the side of the case. Wait for the adhesive to dry.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
I used the utility knife to poke holes in the side of the case.

Step 6: Testing

Picture of Testing
To test your hand warmer hook up a fresh 9 volt battery to the leads on the hand warmer. If it works then the wire inside should glow orange. DO NOT LEAVE THE BATTERY ATTACHED TO THE HEATER!!!, by doing that you are shorting out the battery and the battery will begin to heat up. To use your hand warmer attach the battery in pulses until your hand warmer is at desired temperature. If your hand warmer works than it is because the wire is resisting the flow of electricity and giving off heat as a bi product. I am proud to say that this instructable was created using recycled materials! Please do not actually TOUCH the hand warmer while it is hot. This is made so that you can use it as a small stove or warm your hands OVER it. I do not recommend sticking hot metal down your gloves.
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Xixfas2 years ago
this isnt a good idea
najito2 years ago
thank you very much
hanlin_y3 years ago
It may be safer for you to use a 5W power resistor and mount it to the metal case. That way, you can control the current with I=V/R. 0.5A is okay for AA batteries.
Here's a safer way to do this, get a small 12v bulb such at those used on car interior (dome) lights & wire it to an old 9v battery top as you've done here. Safe & cheap,cheap, cheap ...
dog digger4 years ago
If your worried of explosions (which I doubt) you could use a resistor of the right value.
Wesley6666 years ago
terrible idea. Shorting a battery can make it explode emphasis on EXPLODE
I believe all batteries sold in the US are required to have vents to vent gasses outward to prevent "kasplosions". This includes AA, AAA, C, D, and 9v batteries. Older batteries do not have vents, which is probably where you got this idea.

I still wouldn't trust concern, but it is a good idea other then that...
Oh ya and !EXPLODE! if you didn't get that from above.
Derin Wesley6666 years ago
9-volt battery 101 the 9 volt battery has a thick metal casing,worst case scenario:the battery leaks acid
LaxLuvr (author)  Wesley6666 years ago
Thats why I said Not emphasis on Not to leave the battery attached to the heater
Yes but what if it !EXPLODES! in your hand/glove or anywhere else some might put this.
LaxLuvr (author)  Wesley6666 years ago
Then I hope you have insurance and/or a spare hand!
Unless your a guy and want so warmth down there then you better have another one of those.
LaxLuvr (author)  Wesley6666 years ago
just connect 2 nine volts together with a switch in between faster and easier but be careful because it does get super hot and will burn you very badly if used incorrectly.
mm4054166 years ago
I realize that this would add cost and detract the ratio of recycled materials, but isn't there some sort of IC you could put in line and would complete the circuit in pulses so that you could leave the battery attached for significantly longer?
LaxLuvr (author)  mm4054166 years ago
Thats a good idea but considering I'm 13 and don't know too much about electronics I would have to learn more about electronics if I wanted to do that.
dodo91 LaxLuvr6 years ago
im 13 too!
Wareagle dodo915 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Im 15 too! LOL
(removed by author or community request)

no you aren't
 (cries for a while)
I might be one of the only people in this thread that understands this... i feel old... yet wise??
your not alone man ^^
wtf random :P
I am 13 too
Research into 555 timers I once saw a guys website that used one of these to power a mini Tesla coil. It used a 555 timer, transformer, 2 9v batteries, and a ceramic capacitor bank. Worked rather well in my opinion :D Just a thought
luvit5 years ago
i once made a hand warmer. i took two 9v batteries and plugged the sockets into each (plus to minus). i did a lot of things during church service when i was young. i don't know why i had two 9v batts at church.
lol prob for the wireless mics!
in 1986 church mics without wires were unheard of... or it was a mic in need of wires.
back-n-the-day....ha ha ha ha ha!
junits156 years ago
how hot does this actually get? i have made several 3 or 4 watt heaters using resistors, and they aren't shorting the battery.
LaxLuvr (author)  junits156 years ago
I don't actually know how hot it gets. I like your idea! I have used a resistor to make a putrid stink machine but it was a real pain trying to find one that reached a high temperature, especially when powered by a nine volt battery. I hope this helped to answer your question and if you have any tips on how I could improve my idea I would appreciate them.
to improve it, you could use some nichrome wire it is a much better heating element than the steel wool
better.......a COIL of nichrome...just make sure its insulated....
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