Picture of Electric Ice Scooter

Winter got you down? Need to get outside for some fun and exercise?
If you have frozen lakes or rivers in your area, what you need is an ELECTRIC ICE SCOOTER!

In this Instructable, I'll show you how I converted a junk EV scooter into a fun winter toy!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

I was originally inspired to build this project when I saw a pair of ice skates right next to a Razor kick scooter at the local thrift store. Immediately, I thought of how the scooter might look with ice skate blades in place of the wheels.

A few days later, I was at the Milwaukee Makerspace, where I saw my old electric scooter on the "Hack Rack". I originally pulled that scooter out of a dumpster. It was missing batteries and the deck plate, but other than that, a little tinkering got it to work. Unfortunately, by now, the cheap motor controller card had burned out and the front wheel was missing. Oh well, I wouldn't need the front wheel, since it would be replaced with a skate.

This project essentially replaces the front wheel of a scooter with an ice skate, and upgrades the rear wheel to have traction appropriate for use on ice.

If you want to go straight to video of the finished project, you can see that in Step 6. If you enjoy this Instructable, please vote for it in the contest!

So, for this project, what you really need is:

An electric scooter. (One that already works will make this an easy project!)
An ice skate.
Bolt - 3/8" x 4"
Nut - 3/8"
Spacer to fit 3/8" bolt, about 2 - 2.5" long
4  3/8" washers
1/2" Self-tapping pan head screws
An old bicycle inner tube

Ruler or tape measure
3/8" drill bit
Phillips driver bit
Pair of 9/16" wrenches or adjustable wrenches
Tubing cutter
Scissors or knife
Pen, pencil, or marker

looop4510 months ago

whoa....................................................................... sorry my mind blacked out because of the awesomeness.

hi-line19 days ago

So that is just so cool it put a smile on my face! It's like a cyborg-steampunk-ice-scooter if there ever was.....good job!

Eh Lie Us!9 months ago

God, I love this site.

bajablue9 months ago

FABULOUS work, bennelson!!!!

spylock10 months ago

Ive always wondered about the bolt through the tire deal but never tried it.Looks like a fun machine.

Blaise_Gauba10 months ago

O.K., that's too cool! Nice!

spduffee10 months ago

I have been following Instructables for a long, long time and have never seen anything quite as cool as this! Very fun and innovative! You should equip teams with these and make an event to challenge Roller Derby...may be a huge crowd pleaser.

Uffe10 months ago

Just awesome! I can imagine loads of fun moments with this contraption.

onemoroni110 months ago

Outstanding instructable! I like the sled ride. What a ball.

criggie10 months ago

We don't have large frozen regions here, so I'm probably talking rubbish, but the toe of the blade looks pretty low. What happens if you run into a lump or other obstruction? Would it be helpful at all to add more curve by grinding it a touch?

Also, excellent work with hanging the sled out the side... looks excellent.

Your seated position makes me wonder... what about an electric scooter as the next plan? Same thing, with either a skate or a short ski for the front wheel.

bennelson (author)  criggie10 months ago

The front of the blade of the skate has enough curve to it to not get caught on anything. I got the skate from the thrift store and looked at several other styles of skates while there. Some had shorter blades with more of a curve to them. I choose this style because I thought it would be best for straight-line stability. It's been working great so far.

imperio10 months ago


The urge to go to the North Pole!

That was...AWESOME!
Renard_Bleu10 months ago

Love the Frankenstein Builds ! Great stuff.

fzumrk10 months ago

Three words: Electric Ice Polo

jdrury110 months ago
You are god
caitlinsdad10 months ago

Cool! Do you have to adjust the toe-in on the front skate?

bennelson (author)  caitlinsdad10 months ago

The vehicle doesn't have toe-in, as there is only one front steering member… Oh wait. That wasn't a real question you were asking, it was a terrible pun! "Toe-In". Ack. I just got that...

I just do it for kicks. Nice work though.

trl10 months ago

You continually amaze Ben! Great project concept and implementation!!!