Step 6: Ride It!

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tire spike.jpg
With the controller and batteries installed and the deck in place, it's time to take the scooter for a spin.
This is my first time out on the ice scooter, which was done BEFORE installing the spiked tire.

After my first test ride, I decided on a few things. The first was that I needed as much traction as possible on the rear wheel - thus the creation of the screw-spiked-tire. The second was that after falling a few times on my first trail run, I decided to wear my (padded) motorcycle jacket and helmet. In fact I did take a spill in this second video, but I was fine, thanks to my safety gear. (Note to self, keep both hands on the handlebars at all times….)

So far, the Electric Ice Scooter has been a LOT of fun! It tows rather well. I tried towing a sled with a test weight to try it out, and once I was confident that I wasn't going to flip the sled, I took a trip out with the Little Girl in tow.

There's still room for improvement. I might see about making a nicer-looking deck from some other material. I also haven't been able to figure out the wiring on the motor controller to put in a dedicated ON/OFF switch yet, and it would be more convenient to be able to plug in a battery charger without having to take off the deck. The belt got out of alignment while shooting that second test run video. I re-adjusted it and tightened it down since then.

Top speed so far is 7 miles per hour, which is about as fast as I want to travel on glare ice. Battery capacity is great. I started with 12.8 volts per battery. After playing on the ice for about 45 minutes, voltage was at 12.5V.

I've gotten plenty of looks so far as well. Most people are rather interested in the project, and get a kick out of it. I'm also pleased with how the "ankle" works. Because where the bolt goes through the skate and it is horizontal, the skate blade can pivot up and down a bit. this is especially noticeable on tight turns. It allows that blade to be in full contact with the ice at all times, even while turning and tilting side-to-side.

If this looks like a fun project to you, why don't you make one? Be safe and have fun!

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onemoroni11 year ago

Outstanding instructable! I like the sled ride. What a ball.

trl1 year ago

You continually amaze Ben! Great project concept and implementation!!!