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This is an instructable showing you how to convert Black & Decker brand electric scisors into a highly effective electric lockpick.

--- WARNING!!! ---

Building this may be illegal in your location, do not built it if it is illegal or if you are not sure.

DO NOT ASK me how to use one of those, if you do not know how it works or what it's for, do not build it. No videos or usage instructions will be provided, all PM's asking how to use it will be cheerfully ignored.

Vibrating electric picks are known for CHEWING UP the pins inside a lock with repeated use. ONLY use such a pick on your practice locks.

I am not the designer of this electric lockpick, many amateur lockpicking hobyists convert all sorts of small electric appliances into vibrating picks so I really cannot credit who came up first with the idea for this conversion.

Step 1: Lets start

Picture of Lets start
First things, go buy Black and Decker brand electric scisors. They are pretty cheap, I got mine on sale at Wallyworld for aroud $10.

Take off the scisor head by pressing on the sides and pulling away.

The head is interchangeable and B&D sells replacement so you'll be able to keep this unit functionnal as scisors if you get a spare head.
donnie.hodges8 months ago

what size hole do you drill in the hacksaw blade?


danieltrevi6 years ago
I started doing it your way, but lacking a dremel I found it taking forever. The lower scissor part was very difficult to cut with a hacksaw, and I didn't have a diamond tip drill bit to go through the pick. So I just took some EPOXY PUTTY, and a needle from a snap gun - http://www.lockpicks.com/replacementneedles.aspx - and attached the needle to the upper part of the scissors, being careful to put it on the outside of the blade so as not to interfere with the motion. It works GREAT! And much simpler.
i tried the same thing, ended up buying a tool made for the job. also got a set of manual picks. i could never get the homemade mod to work right. this is the tool i purchased http://www.bumpmylock.com/e500xt-electric-lock-pick.html and it works like a champ.
bwhite16 fligen3 years ago
how much does that babe cost
that bad boy cost about $170 depending on where you get it....sometimes you get lucky and find a used one for less...
hg3416 years ago
cool but where do you get bump keys?
fligen hg3414 years ago
best place for bump keys is Bump My Lock
hmmm, finally a use for all the old dental tools I picked up and never ground into micro-chisels....
sharlston6 years ago
nice ible it wilnice ible looks really cool
crapflinger6 years ago
vibrating picks work by basically knocking the tumblers around in the cylinder ....you jam the pick part into the lock and put slight turning force on the entire pick while you make it vibrate (not constant...but sort of like...pull the trigger and turn...pull the trigger and turn) the turning gives the tumblers enough friction to stick in the open position after they've been vibrated out of the lock position
also...slight change there...usually you'd actually use some form of turning device (bent pice of metal works fine) as your turning mechanism...not sure if the OP intends to use this pick to turn as well as vibrate...i'd think probably not...so you'd have a seperate tool to do the turning part
Ah cheers "stick in the open position" is probably the key phrase. L
toogers lemonie6 years ago
lemonie6 years ago
Do you know how to use this effectively? I can't see this unpicking any lock, but you don't say how it is supposed to work...

SWV1787 lemonie6 years ago
Have you ever seen those hanging balls that people have sitting on their desks that bounce the outermost balls back and forth while the middle ones stay in place? It is the same principal that a quick tap will bounce the tumblers out of the barrel and allow the barrel to rotate in the lock.
lemonie SWV17876 years ago
Newton's cradle. But they'll also bounce back, and rotation is limited when they're not all in place. I don't doubt that it works, it's not so clear how (without the discussion) L
ve2vfd (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Thats where good basic lockpicking technique is necessary, you have to "catch" the pins with your tortion wrench as they are in the upwards swing.
Padlock ve2vfd6 years ago
I always thought the way to pick a lock was to insert your blank key, and tap it with a hammer while twisting.
ve2vfd (author)  Padlock6 years ago
Thats called a bump key. It's a blank key cut in a special way.
Padlock SWV17876 years ago
Btw that's called a "newton's cradle"
Padlock Padlock6 years ago
oh wait. nvm the guy below me posted before me...
ve2vfd (author)  SWV17876 years ago
Thats a very good way to illustrate how the EPG works!
Bartboy lemonie6 years ago
It vibrates the pins into place?
ve2vfd (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Suffice to say I use it regularely at work for rapid entry when things are not too urgent (when urgent I use my axe). If you read my disclaimer you'll see I won't explain here how it's supposed to work. Anyone with basic lockpicking knowledge will know how to use it and what other tool is needed with it. Anyone without lockpicking knowledge should learn the basics before playing with this tool.
lemonie ve2vfd6 years ago
Thanks. I guessed you're in the Fire Service (before clicking on your profile) it's a nice thought that some people won't use the axe as a first resort.

if you google electric lockpick, you can find all kinds of methods to use this type of device.