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Introduction: Electric Long Bike

I built this electric bike for commuting to work. I stretched the rear triangle section partly because I wanted the extra cargo room and partly because I just liked the look. :-)

Step 1: Cutting and Welding

I started with a few curbside-recycling bikes which I welded together to make a stretched frame. I used a simple jig (made from parts of an old exercise bike) to try to keep things mostly straight ;-)

Step 2: Testing the Hub Motor

This show the initial testing of the hub motor and controller. I'm using a 20Ah 48V LiFePO4 battery, which is not shown in this photo. The hub motor, controller and battery were all purchased on EBAY.

Step 3: Rolling Chassis

Note the 2 kickstands. I need both due to the stretched frame and the battery weight.

Step 4: Final Touches

I'm happy with the performance of the bike. I can sustain 25 MPH with moderate pedaling and I can easily commute the 15 miles (each way) to work and the battery still has reserve charge when I return home. I installed a DC-to-DC converter (from an RC Hobby supplier) to generate 6 Volts to run the headlight and tail-light so all the electrics on the bike run from the 48V battery.



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Nice work! You mention it's a 48V system; what kind of batteries do you use to get that kind of range on it?


The bike has a 20Ah 48V lithium battery (check EBay). It was expensive, but in my opinion worth it because lithium batteries are much lighter and they last longer than lead-acid batteries. I have never really tested the battery to its limits so I can't say its absolute range and much depends on riding style, terrain, etc.

This instructable doesn't really tell how to do build this. I'm a beginner and this isn't helping on how to mod a bike into an electric bike.

How is the light work? Do you have to press some button every time to have it light up?


The tail light comes on when you turn on the bike main power. The head light comes on when you turn on the headlight. The headlight has flashing and non-flashing modes. Both tail light and head light are powered from the main battery.

ya how much did the hub motor inparticular cost


The hub motor itself was about $100 without the rim or spokes. Adding a good quality rim and spokes and labor to lace the wheel pushes the cost to over $200 for the completed rear wheel.

Our hub motor is much cheaper than your price,if you want to buy next time,you can contact me.

Where can I find hub motor?