Electric Motorcycle at Instructables/Craftsman Experience Webcast

video Electric Motorcycle at Instructables/Craftsman Experience Webcast
This past Friday I got to go to Chicago to meet up with other Instructables authors for a live webcast at the Craftsman Experience to show off our DIY projects! I brought out my DIY Electric Motorcycle!

Jayefuu3 years ago
Brilliant video :) Very inspiring.
Aron3133 years ago
Aww man no instructable!
vistal3 years ago
I seen a Lio-ion battery pack 2kw's thats as big as 3 of those Marine batterys you had on this bike but they run like 1500$ .Is this something your looking into for bikes?
bennelson (author)  vistal3 years ago
If you know of a good source of affordable Lithium batteries, post it.

Currently, my cycle is running 4 off-the-shelf AGM lead-acid batteries rated at 55AH, with 900 cranking amps.
Type Z-Force™ patented Li-Ion intelligent portable power pack
Maximum capacity 3.0 kWh
Nominal capacity 2.6 kWh
Estimated pack life to 80% (MX track) 3,000 hours
Estimated pack life to 80% (trail) 4,000 hours
Charger type 1kW, standalone
.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-mx/specs.php they have some here .. i think they used to sell them for 2,000 ish .
bennelson (author) 3 years ago
I have actually had people assume the cycle just wasn't on - that I was just coasting with the engine off or some other nonsense. I actually did play around with some sound effects a while back. http://www.instructables.com/id/Add-Sound-Effects-to-your-Electric-Motorcycle/
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Fun interview! I like how quiet the bike was when you were driving it.