It is a simple ball valve pneumatic spud gun but instead of a hand pump it uses a 12V electric pump (originally a car pump), I reconnected it to a 12V battery I had laying around (as you do), it uses a 2.25L bottle for air storage I suppose. By the way it uses a hell of a lot of duck tape! just something to keep in mind. it refills in about 10 - 15 seconds, compared to pumping for about 1 - 2 mins.
<p>Hi, I been looking for this Motor you used, just can't find it, need your help please where I can get the same, I look forward to your reply.</p>
<p>In order from best to worst: </p><p>1. Steel pipe or pressure vessels approved for compressed air (like a fire extinguisher)</p><p>2. Copper pipe</p><p>3. Pressure rated ABS</p><p>4. Sch. 120 PVC</p><p>5. Sch. 80 PVC</p><p>6 Sch 40 PVC</p><p>7. SDR 26 PVC</p><p>8. SDR 21 PVC</p><p>9. Metal DWV pipe</p><p>10. Thin wall plastic DWV pipe</p><p>11. Cellular core plastic DWV pipe</p><p>12. Empty aerosol cans</p><p>13. Empty soda bottles</p><p>14. Empty soda cans</p><p>15. Tin cans, water bottles, glass bottles and other containers for storage only.</p>
<p>The lower the SDR number, the higher the pressure rating. It is pop, not soda. I LOVE CACTUS COOLER!</p>
Cool idea
thanks, it's been upgraded to a straight line style gun, with an air compressor quick release valve to the air pump with a blow-off valve so it has constant preassure to smaller air tank
How much bar does it give? and how long does it shot? Thanks a lot
is that a water pump or air pump?
its an electric car pump that I rewired so its movable with a 12V battery. thanks for commenting
I&nbsp;did the same thing a while ago But i took the pump out of its case took the Psi guage out and put it on the bottle .<br /> <br /> Then put it in a big piece of pipe<br />

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