An electric bass is created using 1 broken bass string, 1 piezo transducer, part of a cheap wooden easel leg, and 2 metal rods from a bookshelf. A video is included to demonstrate the sound of the stick bass.
Check out the band motograter!!! they took this idea to the max using steel industrial cable instead of bass string and added alot more!!! they actual don't have a traditional bass player, they only use their "motograter" instead!!
Is that video also how you built it 'Cos I'm in school and they've blocked the video same with youtube, metacafe and others
I'm sorry but I have no idea what I just saw. When you are trying to communicate technical information (like the 'how-tos' on Instructables), simpler is better. Your video is too distracting with all the wild effects.
Okay. I just found the real Instructable posted earlier. Negit my last (which used to mean, 'ignore my previous communication.'). So this is just a demo. I'm good with that. A little more info would have helped.
I'm always baffled by people that use anachronistic turns of speech and then explain, verbosely, what that shorthand phrase means. I guess the point of using it is to sound cool.
&lt;mode = verbose&gt;<br/>Not another L7 jive cat, ugh! Did you really ask for more explanation? I think you did.<br/><br/>In my case I see the colorful language of my youth being lost. Much of the slang of my parent's youth is completely lost. It wasn't used in popular books, movies, or music. Nobody ever explained it. It's gone. In my previous comment, 'negit my last' was a term used in flying, particularly military flying. Somewhere there is probably a dictionary of military flying jargon. It was meant to help convey messages quickly and clearly over a poor radio system in adverse environment. The Falcon Code was an attempt to communicate obscene messages from pilot to pilot without offending the folks on the ground listening in on their crystal set radios. The real value would be a dictionary of military flying terms using English (the supposed international language of aviation). <br/><br/>L7, besides being the name of a now forgotten band, was used in the popular song, Wooly Bully, and has survived several generations. What's cool about L7 is that it is slang for another slang term, 'square' which was also slang for 'not hep,' which is also slang of the day. Maybe you did not need the truly verbose explanation because you had already seen L7 used in reruns of Dobie Gillis, but I doubt it. One thing you won't see in music is the L7 finger motions that could, with an eye roll, convey a person's thoughts across a crowded room. That might be on Dobie Gillis. <br/><br/>Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share another 279 words of cultural history with you. It's been gnarly. <br/>&lt;/mode&gt;<br/>
The point of using abbreviations is to abbreviate.. Using an abbreviation and then explaining it rather defeats the purpose. It gives you the appearance of a guy who is more interested in hearing himself talk than adding to the project. Somehow you confused my light rebuke with the opportunity to gum up the instructable for four more paragraphs. FAIL.
haha drilled:D
That sounds so heavy
Cool! Thanks for posting the video and the Instructable, they're both awesome, I hope to see more awesome stuff from you!
Thanks man!
looks pretty cool but hey you could have been a bit more freakin specific lol ps/......on account of me being a bit thick in the head!!:)

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