Electric Stringed Didgeridoo





Introduction: Electric Stringed Didgeridoo

This is an electric stringed didgeridoo I built several years ago. Enjoy!  -Andy Graham



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    Hello Soupraok,

    Here's the web page for the Electric Stringed Didgeridoo with some nice detail photos:



    Oops! and sorry for the redundant posts! I'm new to Instructables, and didn't realize all comments would post in the same spot...

    I love this site! I'll post more of my stuff when I have time...-Andy

    I forgot to add earlier. The drums are stored on a looper (digitech), and the effects processor is the digitech RP-1000 guitar effects box. -Andy

    I'm glad you like it! It's embarrassing to admit that this thing sat in my closet for 8 years before I decided to pull it out (because I'm performing with it at Maker Faire this year...I've since re-discovered it, so to speak).

    9-years ago, I worked in high-end bronze furnishings and had access to some extra brass handrail tubing that made the curved,tubular body. I played it as a didgeridoo before thinking of adding strings, etc..

    What I did was add to it using brass parts that I either bent around a large round post (the round harp-like part), or machined parts from a solid block of brass (the tuning peg mount. Some places I drilled a hole and dropped/soldered in the nice dome-top solid rivets.

    Construction was mostly tig-welding using silicone bronze rod. Yes, you can weld brass if you use this rod, but have to keep the heat just hot enough to melt the rod...any hotter and the zinc in the brass will crackle & sputter and make a mess. The rivets, etc were solderded in place with a torch.

    I used a special acid to patina the surface to give it more of a classy antique look..then clear-coated it.

    I also made another one with one string called a DIJBOW:


    I'll make an updated video soon with the cool effects used in theb ESD vid.

    Thanks for replying! Let me know if you have any other questions.. -Andy

    Oh, dude, you have to share your construction techniques!