hello everyone. first of all thanks for all the question/comments on my electric bike build.  Now we go to the next level. An Electric Trike made on the cheap with an old electric wheelchair and a standard trike.

Step 1: Find a Trike. and Motor(s)

i picked up my trike from Craigslist for 50 bucks.  As for the motors and control box i got a broken power chair from a friend in exchange for some auto repair work.

also going to need a front sprocket from a donor bike pile.  the bigger the sprocket the faster the bike will go (horsepower permitting)

the wheelchair has all needed parts. motor, controller, batteries, and controls.

other bits are from ACE hardware.

<p>I have the same trike but I have a treadmill motor wht kind of motor controller do I need</p>
<p>That is a tricky question. Do you have any information about the motor? how many watts volts or amps it runs on? </p>
<p>Hum! I will pass that along to my brother. He is thinking of building it for me!</p>
<p>Check out my newest build. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Recumbent-Trike-From-Old-Parts/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Recumbent-Trike-Fr...</a></p><p>I will be doing this as an electric bike as well. Should have that part done and on YouTube within the next few weeks.</p>
<p>I love this! I think I could handle it!</p>
<p>Thanks! I still have this bike and have heavily modified it since this build. If i had one bit of advice for you if you take this build on is to strengthen the front of the bike more.</p><p>The frame on this bike ended up breaking just above the horizontal bar over the pedals. You should try to put in a brace going between the fork tube and the up post for the seat.</p>
If you plan to use this vehicle on public roads, check with your local jurisdiction for they may require you to have it registered and possibly insured.
in CA if it is under 750 watts its legal. they treat it as a bicycle.
<p>750W? You lucky bugger. South Australia the limit is a pathetic 200W before it gets classed as a motorcycle and needs registration etc</p>
hi would it be possible to mount some mini wind turbines on to to put power back into the batterys
No. Thermodynamics.
<p>You could try it sure. Bear in mind that perpetual motion is impossible unless you have a cat that always lands on its feet (as cats do) and jam on toast that always lands jam side down (as jammy toast does). The trick is to tape the toast onto the cat and start the system spinning. The cat's tail serves conveniently as a power take off with an integrated universal joint. The other end of the cat serves as an in-flight entertainment system and the jammy toast makes a good snack. Don't eat too much or your system will stall and you could face a lawsuit. Also a stalled cat-toast system will hover on one side so this could work as a sort of extra-dangerous hoverboard. </p><p>Thermodynamics and quantum theory aside though, solar panels on a trike can work nicely. Here's how: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Electric-Trike/" rel="nofollow"> https://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Electric-Tr...</a></p><p>Have fun :)</p>
<p>exactly . </p>
Better to use solar panels.
Better to use solar panels.
Yes. For use when it is parked on a windy day ;-)
<p>EDIT! i have removed the 3 speed hub. it could not hold the power i was putting through it and failed. the chain now goes from the drive sprocket to the rear axle sprocket. since i dont have the freewheel from the 3 speed hub on it the throttle has to be on to move. if you let all the way off the throttle it will cause the drive wheel to stop and skid the trike to a stop. it takes some practice with the control but once i got it down i am now able to control the trike a lot better. and since it is direct drive it has reverse.<br><br>new instructable will be coming soon. </p>
If a person was building a trike simply from bicycle parts, and did NOT have a trike differential, one could simply use two motors and chain each to one of the two rear wheels. No differential needed! <br>There have been several electric cars built that drive both rear wheels instead of a single motor and differential.
the wheelchair motors have gearboxes attached to them. they go 5mph with stock wheels. you may get 12 or so mph out of a bike wheel mounted to it.
how can i built this motor from scratch?
i used a quantam wheelchair for parts. it had a 5 bolt hub (part that bolts to the wheelchair wheels) <br> <br>i turned the motors inward and added a bike sprocket and coupled the hubs together.
put some videos! <br>
I actually have that exact same trike! they were mostly used in factories I got mine when the Alcoa plant behind the brewery shut down. A bunch of these trikes were going to be thrown out after not fetching anything at the auction, and one of my co workers and myself were able to just take a few home <br> <br>Ive been thinking about moterizing mine for a while and this instructable verifies my back of the head day dream engineering.
Another advantage of most electric bikes and trikes is that they are HYBRIDS! <br>Typically, they are designed so that you can use the electric motor OR the pedals. If you ever have trouble with the electric system (blown fuse, out of charge, etc.) you can still pedal home!
I'm impressed. Wanted an electric trike forever. <br>Great job!
Really nice. Gz.
What kind of trike model is that? All the ones I've seen so far are the ones with the seat way in the back (and those are expensive new -or- used.
i really dont know. i think it may be a 1980's Schwinn. the seat was close to the basket. when i built the motor box i made it a little longer than it needed to be so i can have more room.
Hey that is really nice. Do you know about how much you payed in all for the whole thing. I love this thing, You have plenty of room for cargo, that is really well done.
the hard to find parts on the build are all on an electric wheelchair. you can get them for around $100 at flea markets or craigslist. just make sure the batteries are good on it. you get the controller, motor(s), control stick, charger, and wiring all in one buy. <br>about 20 bucks in bits at the hardware store and you are set.
Okay, wow, I'm surprised, looking at all those electric motors, I though it would be somewhat costly. I see you have made another electric bike one a different Instrucatables. Yeah, good job.
That's really cool. Check on motorbicycling.com or endless-sphere.com (e-bike forum) if you get stumped or need parts. I like gas bikes, but I like your bike. Good way to recycle stuff. Powered bicycles are the way to go to save a bunch of money now.
thanks. i have been lucky on parts. mostly from junked bikes and the local hardware store. the ACE out here has a lot of bits, connectors, and specialty parts that u cannot find in the big box stores.
if u put on wheel fenders. on then put on flexible solar panels on uill be able to charge yr batteries as well. good place to start is power film.com .
i am planning a canopy top for it with solar charging.

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