Step 22: Layout Of Parts.

Picture of Layout Of Parts.
These are the parts before assembled so you can start to see what goes where.

For this we will need:
Airflow Valve
Alligator Clip
Airflow Tube
Inflation Needle

The pens I won't get too specific here.   It all depends on what your preference is.  And even if I did have a specific one in mind, it seems like every time I find pens I like they stop selling them anyway.  I might suggest plastic as it's easier to work with than metal.  For my tastes I used a thicker pen with a rubber grip because I found it easier to hold, but you can use whatever feels best for you.  I used a clicker ball point pen.  This allowed me to take out the clicker at the end to insert the airflow valve rather than cutting off the end, but that would work too.  Also, you will need a pen where the nose cone screws off.   A ball point pen that is uni-body would be a lot harder to work with but is probably doable.  But this walk through will focus on a pen with a nose cone.

The valve and inflation needle you should be able to get for about a $1 each.  You can get some alligator clips for $1-$4.   If you get the airflow tube at the hardware store, the kind they sell off a spool by the foot, you can get what you need for about $1.  The pens you could buy but I find there's plenty of places where you can get a free pen.   Plenty of places use them for promotion in gift bags, or for the taking at doctor's offices or the vet, or the bank.  So you can buy some but in my case all the pens I used were free.