Step 39: What It Can And Can't Do.

Picture of What It Can And Can't Do.
So to recap on what this thing can do, here's an example of what it can and can't pick up. 

When it comes to the Aqua Culture pump on it's own, rated for 40-60 gallons, the stuff in the upper right of the image, it probably wouldn't be able to lift.  But the stuff in the lower left it has no problem with.

But if you want it for beading or maybe things like small resistors and LEDs, this should do the job. and for less than half the price of a commercial electric vacuum pen.
kjsrocks2 years ago
wouldn't it be simpler to just reverse the polarity or can't you
technicallyartistic (author)  kjsrocks2 years ago
No, it's about the gasket directions. The diaphragms just vibrate back and forth to pump the air. The gasket is what decides if air is going in or going out when when the diaphragm is pumping. One direction closes it to air going out and the other direction closes it to air going in.
chuckyd2 years ago
This is a good tool, well described. If you made the pick needle project a little more, then you could reach into tiny crevices to rrtrieve your tiney parts. Not saying that you lose things in tihy crevices, but I sure do.
technicallyartistic (author)  chuckyd2 years ago
Yeah. Since posting I've seen other people use syringe needles, which I didn't think of. If you needed a finer tip, that would seem like the easy way to go.
outandabout2 years ago
Extremely well done! Very clear and understandable. It makes me want to make one - you made it look easy and explained it well.
SewLolita2 years ago
I like yours, it's very tidy and professional looking :)

I did something similar in concept a while back, but simply drilled a small hole in the pen body, which I covered with my finger when I wanted it 'on' and didn't when I wanted it 'off', and half-covered for weaker pressure. I added a tiny clear screw-top plastic container with some fine filter cloth inline on the air tube (terrible diagram attached) both to stop dust gunking the motor, and so I could unscrew the pen tip, and use the setup as a micro-vacuum, for collecting spilt beads etc, or just cleaning dust out of small spaces.

I had two pumps, one unmodiifed, and somehow attached the tube to the 'blower' rather than the 'sucker'... when I'd last used it to suck up metallic powder excess, and not emptied the canister :D *grins* sparkly..everything... -_-

A small dab of silicone sealant mixed 5:1with cornflour makes a decent cheapo sucker-end (just formed around something thr right size, then pulled off after it had set), and a wide hollow needle (such as from a syringe) works as a non-sucker tip, (I didn't have a filling valve anywhere)... the spare tip/adjusters from a cheapo lighter fluid tin look like they might've been an acceptable substitute too :D

My one is very, very ugly, but I only wound up paying for the pump and air tube :)
lousy diagram.jpg