Step 43: Can It Suck Up Solder?

Picture of Can It Suck Up Solder?
A lot of people have asked if it can suck up solder.

Technically... Yes.

Practically?  No.

I made a test pen and using the Whisper 100 pump tried to vacuum up some hot solder.   While it was able to suck up most of it, most of it got stuck in the nose cone and it slightly melted the nose cone in the processes.  I wasn't able to get the solder out of the either so, the pen got gummed up after one use, which doesn't seem very practical.

Maybe if you hooked a couple pumps together you would have enough suction but even then I'm not sure.  And really, if you are going to go invest that much already into making this, you might as well go buy something that's already built for doing that.  There's some options out there that are comparable to this build cost already.

Anyway, that about covers everything I have to say on it.   I hope everybody found this informative and helpful!