Step 8: Punch A Hole Through The Gasket.

Picture of Punch A Hole Through The Gasket.
We need to rotate this gasket upside down from where it was before, 180 degrees.  Use something sharp to poke a hole for the peg to go into.  I used a mechanical pencil tip. 

I recommend measuring before poking a hole to be as precise as possible.  You can also remove the gaskets from both sides at the same time and lay them over each other and use the existing hole to mark where the new hole will go in the other with a ball point pen.   Just make sure it's centered.   It has some lines in it which can throw off visually where the center looks to be so measure your marking to make sure it's equidistant to both sides.

Placing the gasket over some cardboard can help ensure you don't stab yourself or scratch up the table you are working on.