Introduction: Electric Baton

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A very simple electric baton with 50kv high voltage.

Step 1: Make Electrode

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Use a wood toy block. Put two screws in it.

Step 2: Weld High Voltage Inverter

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Step 3: Put These in a Steel Pipe

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Also add a switch for it

Step 4: Done

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ibenkos (author)2014-10-17

It would be cool to make an baton whit a stungun at the end!

chenwu216 (author)2014-10-12

LunaEros (author)2014-10-12

It's not an Instructable if it doesn't show us how to build one.

All this shows is how you put something into a metal tube.

And it doesn't even show THAT very well.

MadMuz (author)2014-10-09

Need moar info..

ROD917 (author)2014-10-08

Power source, inverter?

ROD917 (author)2014-10-08

I was wondering the same thing.

Kiteman (author)2014-10-08

This is quite clever, but readers ought to check local laws - carrying this in the UK will get you arrested.

dan3008 (author)Kiteman2014-10-08

round my neck of the woods (notts) in the uk, this would just as likely get you killed than arrested. all dipends who got to you first (the police, or the gangs)

k41matt (author)2014-10-08


Nice idea, do you have any information about the voltage inverter you used, power source etc?

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