Picture of Electric car concept

Task - the day the layout electric cars

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Step 1: Sketch

Picture of Sketch
DSC00003 2.jpg

get ready,

knife + pencil + blunt force = achieves results

Graphic Tablet?

No. It does not give a feel for the sketch)))

Step 2: Digitization

Picture of Digitization

1. Draw vector

2. 3d Modeling

3. Cutting

car.dwg251 KB

Step 3: Generate g-code

Picture of Generate g-code

Created by cuts create a movement for milling

Step 4: Embody

Picture of Embody

Material plywood 4mm

Сutter r 2mm


Glue Cosmofen

Step 5: Result

Picture of Result

Satisfied, the deadline for usple

Ahead of plans to implement the concept

Motor - electric power at 48V and 380W Energy - the battery is 48V and 10A

We are pleased to accept advice from experienced people in such things

амакриденков (author) 3 months ago

Creating a skeleton ELECTRIC CAR - made-up

амакриденков (author) 9 months ago

So. Milestones:

1. Bicycle brake - $ 35 (1500 rubles)

2. Star 262 mm - milling.

3. Rear axle - turning.

4. The steering mechanism - a complex element - tips on tie rods - 4 pieces $ 37 (1600 rubles)

DS63.jpgDSC4.jpgDSC068.jpge car.jpg
амакриденков (author) 1 year ago

Today was the first launch of E cars))) Cool! photo SOON

амакриденков (author) 1 year ago

Today, as a result of a pleasant Sabbath day's work, produced the first run - normal flight!

амакриденков (author) 1 year ago

Today I made a collar for attaching the rear axle bearings

амакриденков (author) 1 year ago

Today I bought bicycle wheel 20 inches 4 pieces - 80 $ (2800 rubles)

амакриденков (author) made it!1 year ago

Today I bought a battery - 60V-15Ah Pb-AGM 20.3 kg - $ 215 (7500 rubles)

DS 100.jpg
амакриденков (author) made it!1 year ago

Today I bought a Emotor - electric power at 60V and 1500W Energy

Also in the set - the controller, the throttle handle with lock, handle brake.

Cost $ 342 (12,000 rubles =)))