Electric Power From Dc Motor As a Dc Generator


Introduction: Electric Power From Dc Motor As a Dc Generator

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Apparatus required:

1x dc motor

1x led

1x 200 ohms resister

1x wheel

Step 1: Construction:

Step 1: Fix the dc motor and wheel in chassis or any suitable location

Step 2: Connect the wires of dc motor in to led by resister

Step 3: Now rotate the wheels connected in dc motor

Step 4: Because of Emf power generated in dc motor and light will starts glow.

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    We have this very old motor that came with the shop that came with the property, it works as a motor, how can we figure out what the watts and HP are? Can it be used as a generator for a renewable energy project like wind turbine? Please see photos, in one photo you can see there is a little flip lid not sure if that is for adding oil? Could this be a commercial sewing machine motor with a modified shaft?