Electric Sander/CD Spinner/Eraser





Introduction: Electric Sander/CD Spinner/Eraser

In This Instructable, I will show you how to make a Electric Sander/CD spinner/Eraser all in one!!(you can make this invention into almost anything you can think of!!)All you will need is a spinner of a old CD player, a small box lid,and a 9 volt battery.

Step 1: Object You Will Need

Some objects you will need are:
1. Cardboard cutter
2. Spinner of a CD Player
3. Small box lid
4. Tape
5. 9 volt battery
6. CD/sand paper/eraser

Step 2: Preparing the Box Lid

1. For this step you will only need the Cardboard cutter,the Box Lid, and the spinner.
2.Now trace the bottom of the spinner on the left side and cut it out with the cutter as seen in the photo.
3.Next, push the spinner into the hole with the wires.(it should fit just fine.)
4. Lastly, make a cut with the cutter on the right side for the battery.(The cut should be 2 1/2 cm long.)

Step 3: Putting in the Battery and Taping It

1.Now carefully put the 9 volt battery into the cut and near the wires as seen in the picture.
2.Next, tape the battery down so it can't move
3.Tape one of the wires to the negitive side of the battery(leave the other wire alone)

Step 4: Starting It Up

1.If you want to tape it, tape it now(I used silver tape)
2.To start it up, touch the wire that is not taped to the battery and put it on the position side.(It should start up)
3. Use your brain and think of ways to use this inventions(CD spinner/Eraser/sander)
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    Could you make this into a saw by cutting a saw shape thing in the side of the cd? Book savvy people will know that thi is in Anthony Horowitz's book "Point Blanc".

    Haha i did that and made a adaptor for my dremal apart from i burned holes with my soldering iron Hmm kinda worked till the cd shattered in my face

    oh yea! i remember that Alex Rider part. i tried making that=]. dont attempt...

    it works better if you add a gearbox ratio 1;20 or 1;10

    But that waould destoy the shield generator!.......Oh i mean the cd

    this might have a good application for a CD scratch remover but I think it might be too week for many other applications

    cool! I made a sander out of an old hard drive (and made a external AC power supply) but does this go faster, and does it have more torque than a HD?

    no it would have less torque, speed?... well I don't know.

    faster, probably not. more torque? not even close.