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To make a sound enhancer first you need these materials.

1. speaker can be obtained from any sound making toy
2. batteries and battery compartment I recommend more than two
3. wires
4. motor
5. more wires
6. Another speaker
7. more motors maybe.

Step 1:

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First attach the wires to the battery compartment mine had a switch connected to it.

Step 2:

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now whatever electrical sound making thing you have plug into one of the wires. I used two motors if you have two things do as i did in the pic.

Step 3:

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next add a speaker in between the motor or motors and turn the compartment on.

Step 4:

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You can make some different sounds by playing with it. With not enough battery power my sound came out sounding like a broken tv. Add more speakers the sound will enhance. You do need a lot of power to power it. I thought of using a 9 volt battery. Experiment with the speakers. This does not really enhance the sound much but it is fun to make really crazy noises with. Thanks for reading please comment and fav.


Kiteman (author)2013-12-14

Can we hear what you've managed so far?

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