Electric Sparks With Grapes





Introduction: Electric Sparks With Grapes

WARNING:This is my first instrucible so dont be to harsh. This simple trick will turn a grape in to a weapon of mass distuction well not really but it does make huge sparks

Step 1: Get Materials

All you need is:

1. a single grape

2. a microwave

3. a knife or something sharp

Step 2: Cutting Time

Take a single grape and cut it in half leaving only a tiny peice of skin keeping it conected

Step 3: The Fun Begins

take the grape and place it in the microwave so the inside of the grape is facing up. Microwave for ten seconds.

Step 4: Having More Fun

microwave two or three at a time. The posibilities are endless!



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    all that is happening is you are super heating the grape and it became plasma (Not sure about this but i think it could cause cancer)

    1 reply

    that microwave pic is from wikipedia ... i used it somewhere before but i can't remember. lol

    will this work with any other foods?


    11 years ago

    put the grapes in an upside-down glass and it will catch the plasma. use a clear glass glass

    10 replies

    Thats pretty cool, but 2500 is nothing compared to the 4000 that my friend and i couldve used before =P

    instead we make explosives out of them, and i blew up my hand and had to waste a saturday at the hospital =(

    I blew a lighter in my hand and spent the rest of the day watching AVP while light headed from loss of blood and the sight of a blown up hand.

    Now put a glass over the grapes!!!!!!!!