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Like in other projects from me, I want to show you an idea how to use old electrical devices. Here I've used a old hairdryer to pre-heat my car in the winter days.

Therefore I've stripped up a old hairdryer and applied it to my car. A extension cord then reaches for the garage, where a timed power plug is located. Then the timer turns on the hairdryer for 5 min.

I don't heat up my complete car, I mainly heat up my windshield to prevent mist over when I'm sitting in my car.


lean04 (author)2016-03-24

great idea!, i would add temperature sensing and relays to switch on/off the hairdryer

Layer 8 (author)lean042016-03-24

I didn't wanted to invest to much time and I'm not able to figure out how to measure the surface temperature of the wind shield. But yes it would be a better "product" if it also react to the different wetter conditions.

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