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Introduction: Electrical Tape Dispencer

Whether you are using electrical tape for building, soldering or just taping things, it's often a pain trying to rip a piece off at the right place, or having to get scissors to cut a straight piece. Not any more! This instructable will show you how to construct an electrical tape dispenser!

Step 1:

For this project you will need: Screw driver, tape dispenser, electrical tape, razor blade, Dremmel ® w/ rotating cutting tip, hot glue gun, and a small screw (a little bigger than your screw driver's bit.)

Step 2: Razor Blade

First take apart the razor blade.

Measure than snap off correct size.

The razor should measure the same width as the dispenser.

                          *Caution razor blades are sharp*

Step 3: Cutting the Slot for the Razor

I've highlighted the spot you need to deepen with your Drimmel ®. This will be where the razor will go. 

* Don't cut all the way through, leave just enough room for the razor. * 

Step 4: Test the Slot

Step 5: Hot Glue in the Razor

Hot glue the razor into the dispenser.

Then put a a bead of hot glue on both sides for extra reinforcement.

Step 6: Final Step

Once you have glued the razor in the dispenser then put in the electrical tape. If the tape its to loose and falls out you can drill a whole in the part listed bellow

Step 7: Place in Screw

Drill hole and place in screw. The screw will keep the electrical tape from falling out, while still letting the tape spin freely.

Step 8: Finished!!!

Now you can easily tear off the right about of electrical tape you need! 

Hope you enjoyed this instructables. Feel free to share pictures of your finished tape dispenser bellow in the comment box.  



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    Not to be picky, but the blade you are using came out of a box cutter, not a razor. Both are sharp the razor being the sharpest. Very dangerous setup. A better choice would be from the foil wrap box.

    Anyone know how to make a guard for the razor because I'm 13 and accident prone but other than the razor addressing a serious hazard...ouch....it is a really good idea.

    I'm trying to think of a use case for this, that makes this a solution worth considering. None of the examples provided at the beginning of the article seem to me to be worth the hazard of having one of these sitting on a bench, in a tool box or in a tool belt. If you need a straight cut, the lost time of reaching over to the place where the scissors are (or the time needed to hunt for them, and put other tools where they belong if they've been moved) seems to me to be a far better investment than worrying about randomly encountering this when looking for something else.

    That said, if you want a bench tape dispenser, might I suggest building a proper one holding all of the varieties of tape you use at your bench, and using the cutting edge of an seran wrap, aluminum foil or waxed paper dispenser to cut off the tape where needed? Or even hack saw blades as shown in instructible https://www.instructables.com/id/Multi-Tape-Dispenser/

    The issue of course is not that the blade in use is sharp, of course the blade is sharp. The issue is that you've created a shop hazard to address a bad tool discipline issue, without addressing the bad tool discipline, meaning that you'll end up encountering this at some point in ways that are going to be damaging.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments - this does not address a problem; it creates a hazard.

    As it is, I made my own electrical tape dispenser by using a heavy office-type dispenser and leaving the original serrated-edge cutter in place; it works just fine as it is, and no need to endanger my digits with an exposed razor...

    Not to be picky, but the blade you are using came out of a box cutter, not a razor. Both are sharp the razor being the sharpest. Very dangerous setup. A better choice would be from the foil wrap box.

    genius idea ... gotta give it a try

    Simple and practical...thanks

    This is the kind of project that makes me love this site! Thanks for the idea!