Electrical Conduit Connector Creature


Introduction: Electrical Conduit Connector Creature

About: I am a professional Nail Tech with a creative spirit.

This is something I created out of found objects. Mostly connector parts, some painted copper pipe. I have no instructable because it sort of evolved as I went. Didn't take pics. I hope someone can be inspired by my creature.



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    very cool. i also make "creatures" from found objects. mine aren't quite as refined as yours though. very nice work.

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    Your creatures are fantastic! What are you using to put them together?

    thank you so much for the compliment. well, i am very new at this and keeping them together has been quite an obstacle for me. most are kept together magnetically. others by assorted nuts bolts and brackets. some just have gravity on there side so they can't even be handled..

    The head makes me think of the baby from Eraserhead. Or a steam/cyberpunk sloth. Which is pretty awesome, sloths are cool.

    Awesome! I especially like the head!