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I wanted all the coiled up utility cables organized in one place, where they would be handy.

You need
a small length of rope
an S hook or similar
a nail and hammer

Decide where you want to hang all your electrical extension cables.  Tap the nail in part way, then pull it out. You just made a "pilot hole". This will make it easier to nail the nail back in the hole after you bend it. Now bend the nail and stick it back in the hole and give it a careful thunk to seat it. Tie the S hook to one end of the rope, and tie the other end to the nail. Hang your cords. I keep my most often needed extension cords on top. Sometimes I have to take two or three out to get the one I want, but infinitely better than the under-bench method I used previously.


doo da do (author)2015-03-26

Will give this a try, for the long ones I use the orange reel

streetrod5 (author)2013-04-27

Simple, but elegant. I'll be using this!

shannonlove (author)2012-07-08

A minor warning: I've seen ropes/strings bite into extensions cables over time especially after going through temperature oscillations. If you hang 30lbs/13kg) of extensions cords up in a shed with all the weight held by the width of the rope on the bottommost cord and you get thermal expansion and contraction of the cord, it can cut into it surprisingly quickly.

Not a big deal and if you use the cords weekly likely never an issue but if you store them over a season it would be best to use webbing or something else to spread the weight a little more.

dreamberry (author)shannonlove2012-07-09

Gee. 30 lbs of extension cords? That's a lot of cords. I weighed all the cords in the picture and they come to five pounds total. I'll be careful.

shannonlove (author)dreamberry2012-07-09

Bet they weigh more than you think. Five pounds is the weight of a gallon of milk and that one 10 gauge orange cable in the picture alone weighs more than that. Cables are deceptively heavy because you seldom concentrate their weight.

I learned that the hard way hanging data cables.

dreamberry (author)shannonlove2012-07-09

Don't bet on it, like I said - I weighed them. The orange cable weighs under 2 lbs. (since you don't know the length of it, how can you even venture a guess as to it's weight?) Oh, and a gallon of milk weighs a shade over EIGHT pounds. (I weighed that too! I'm just crazy about weighing things!)

BrefelanDesigns (author)2012-07-02

Ingenious idea!
(Why didn't I think of that!)

Hey EFW! Thanks!

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