Step 5: Fly it!

Picture of Fly it!
Get ready! Lay the kite on its back. Face it into the wind then pull on the dual lines of the kite. It will fly into the air. To control it, pull on the left string to tilt it left, and the right to tilt it right. All of this time, the turbines on the kite will be spinning and generating clean electricity!

In the future, you could use conductive wire instead of kite string to fly it. Instead of connecting the output of the motor to the battery, you will connect it to the wire which will lead to the ground. This way, you can generate electricity while flying the kite.

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pleabargain9 months ago

Great work there! Have you reconsidered any of this work in light of the newer lower cost 3D printing materials? Have you been following the Makani Power progress?

actually u used a flexible solar cell it can be done
acs12074 years ago
Can't a photovoltaic cell be used in addition to the turbine?
that would only give any advantage if you were flying your kite above the clouds. PV is heavy and there would be no real advantage having it 40 meters up in the air.
It would be heavy.
NeMewSys4 years ago
cool idea...