This is an Instructable to modify a Monopoly board game.

I started with a special edition Monopoly board and added a Community Chest, a water tower (for the water company), a Ray Gun (for the Chance cards), a train (for the railroads), and street lights (for the electric company). I used reed switches and magnets for the triggers when you land on designated spots on the board.

This project required a lot of different things. I will provide a supply list for each part of the project as I go.

*** The pictures have a lot of information *** I'm better at showing the steps than describing what to do.

Here is a basic set of things you will need for this project.
- Wire (I used phone wire - 6 colored wires for color coding)
- Glue - Elmer's, Wood glue, and a Goop/E6000 style glue
- Shrink Tubing
- Heat gun
- Assorted LED's of your choice
- Solder/Solder Iron or Gun
- Scissors
- Drill
- Box cutter
- Saw
- Wire stripper/cutter
- Pliers
- Batteries 3V and 9V
- Screwdrivers
- Dust Mask
- Safety Glasses
- Reed switches
- magnets (very strong)

Step 1: Construct the Ray Gun

I made a ray gun to hold the chance cards.

Here are the supplies I used:
- Paper Mache egg
- Toy Gun (Cap Gun)
- Wooden base
- Blue LED
- Wire
- Cardstock paper
- Paint
- Wooden rings (for decoration)

Take the gun apart. I took the part that holds the "bullets" out of the gun as well as the orange cap at the nose of the gun.

I cut the egg to fit over the gun. This required cutting a hole for the nose of the gun and one for the handle. I cut a line between these holes to get the egg onto the gun that I later covered with paper and painted over.

For the LED nose of the ray gun, I took a blue LED and wrapped wire around each lead. I put shrink tubing over the exposed wires and heated it with a heat gun to secure it. The wire pieces were long enough to reach from the LED to under the game board when assembled.

NOTE: I keep a 3v battery handy to check my wiring connections before I shrink the tubing. It saves time figuring out what the problem is if something isn't working.

For decoration, I used blue craft wire and wound it around the wires coming from the LED. I added 2 wooden disks that I painted silver for accent. For added separation between the wooden disk and the egg, I used cardstock to create an extension (to cover the nose of the gun).

I painted the egg silver to match the gun.

I cut a hole large enough for the Chance cards to sit in.

I then stained and varnished a wooden base to attach the gun to.

After the base was dry I used an L shaped bracket to secure the gun to the base. I drilled a hole through the base for the wires for the LED to pass through.
Wowzers! Very cool!
Hi, could you possibly give measurements on the boxes you made? <br> <br>And I'm having a little trouble following the instructions. Could you be more specific? <br> <br>I'm sorry for the trouble, I'm just really new to this....
actually kinda cool, seems like the props are alittle big though.. it may be alittle hard to see parts of the board depending on where you sit ... no?... i do love it though great ideas... LETS SEE A VERSION 2!
Please allow me to compliment you on your imagination, your resourcefulness, and your perseverance on this project. A wonderful addition to the Steampunk genre<br />
Afreakingmazing, I love it, you're visionary!
you officially have the coolest monopoly game i've ever seen.
Antibromide,<br/>I'd like to shoot some footage of your Steampunk version of Monopoly for a documentary about Monopoly that I'm producing called <em>Under the Boardwalk</em>. What part of the world are you located in? We'll be traveling around the US (and a bit of filming outside the US as well) throughout 2009.<br/><br/>You can visit our website at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.MonopolyDocumentary.com">MonopolyDocumentary.com</a> to watch a short teaser of our film. I'd love to hear from you!<br/>Kevin Tostado<br/>Producer/Director of &quot;Under the Boardwalk&quot;<br/>kevin (at) monopolydocumentary (dot) com<br/>
Do you have the song from the 1950's?
We do. Thanks!
this is pretty much awesome (:
What exactly is "Steampunked"?
I think I figured out a good example, watch the movie "Treasure Planet", and that seems to have the prevailing "steam punk" styling throughout.
Thanks for bringing up Treasure Planet as an example. Wild Wild West was also very Steampunk themed.
Also, if you're into anime, "Castle in the Sky" by Hayao Miyazaki and "Steamboy" by Tatsuya Tomaru (yes, the creator of "Akira") are very steampunk. If you like roleplaying games, check out Deadlands, from Pinnacle Games, Castle Falkenstein, from R.Talsorian Games, and GURPS Steampunk (and GURPS Deadlands, GURPS Screampunk, and GURPS Castle Falkenstein), from Steve Jackson Games.
You missed off 'Memories' (the 3rd story) One of the fav dvd's i have. A good dvd maybe to get into anime. The other two stories: 'Magnetic Rose' is a top notch, Wierd Sci-fi and 'Stink Bomb' is very funny. The final 'Cannon Fodder' is very Steampunky. Three distinctley styled short stories from 3 of the best anime directors.
Basically "Steampunk" is a form of art based on how things would look like if they were based off of steam driven machines. So it means a lot more copper, gaskets, and metal items. It's just a style.
Steampunk is sort of Victorian style mixed with modern technology. A good place to look at for inspiration is the Steampunk Workshop: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://steampunkworkshop.com/">http://steampunkworkshop.com/</a><br/>
Wow, this is too Cool!<br/><br/>How about a custom made board with anime inspired locations. That would be epic and would finish off what is pretty damn awesome to start with.<br/>(Painted in oils, for that old look maybe).<br/><br/>Hope you like my idea =)<br/>
This is just a miracle!
I dont like it but is preety good!
This is awesome!! This must be super hard!!
where can i get that train set? i make this i got most of it done
Here is a web site with lots of the different add-ons: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://mailjust4me.com/crafts/xtstrainsystem.htm">http://mailjust4me.com/crafts/xtstrainsystem.htm</a><br/><br/>I personally got mine off ebay. <br/>
I've also seen them at Toys 'R' Us, though I think they were on the clearance rack the last time I saw them.
Truly a stroke of genius. Keep up the good work. This is absolutely fantastic ! ! Thank You For Sharing.
and the bootleg monopoly token/ money industry is born
This is an extremely well-done instructable. Plenty of pictures, well explained, and interesting as well! Great job!
Nice! Two of my 5th favorite things. It's kind of sad how my family games end with everyone surrendering to my brother's evictions and complete owning of one side of the board...
Very well done, I bet it could be a production item. People would buy this. Great Job
If I had the patience I could do that. I have thought about making kits to do it yourself though. Thanks!
Very cool! if only i had the money, and the steampunk spirit...
Thank you! Monopoly lends itself to the Steampunk theme so well. I'm sure you could find another theme to make a hack of your own. :)
I adore Steampunk, and collect boardgames. So far, I've only found one game that is already Steampunk themed called Planet Steam. Problem is, they only did 200 copies--but it does scream for brass bits.
Why do they make so few copies of the awesome games? I guess we will have to hack the rest of the board games to make them look awesome.
Great Work!
Thank you!
Wait, did you rig up the community chest to automatically open when a character lands on the space? or was it just the light?
No, the chest doesn't open. There is a light on the top of the box and a dial from a battery tester on the front. The dial moves when you land on a Community Chest spot on the board. I didn't even think of having the box open when you land on a Community Chest spot...
WoW! This is really impressive! It's interesting that up until this point I thought that Monopoly is mainly a boys' game. And to see it "electrified" by a girl......wow......I might even have to "reevaluate" some of my opinions about women :D But suma summarum it's a really nice piece! Nice job ;)
Thank you! Monopoly has always been my favorite board game.
Wow! Steampunk is my favourite style and this game is outstanding! Thank you.
Thank you!
GREAT JOB!!! I love steampunk style, and I love monopoly, a great way to combine those two! rate*****
Thank you! Monopoly was such a perfect starting point to make a Steampunk game hack.

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