Picture of Electrifying an antique oil or kerosene lamp
Before I start, I must tell you that you can buy a kit, to replace the burner that will convert your lamp to electric, they are available on the internet if you want a quick and easy project. 
But if you like to make things yourself then this is the  Instuctable for you.
I found an old kerosene lamp that was pretty beat up the glass was broken and it had been through the flood that we had here a few months ago. I like old stuff, but it has to be useful, if it just sits around doing nothing cluttering up the place it would annoy me. I wouldn't use it as a kerosene lamp, but with an electric light hanging in the back porch I would use it every night.
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Step 1: Stuff you will need.

Picture of Stuff you will need.
  • One old lamp
  • Cord,  I've use a cord from a broken appliance which has a plug fitted to one end
  • Light socket
  • Light bulb, I've used a reproduction vintage bulb, available from ebay.
  • Plug.
  • Cable strain relief
  • Hole saw.
  • Drill
  • Grinder
  • Screw driver
  • Wire cutters / striper
  • Tape
  • Bicycle brake cable
  • Large clamp.
  • You must also have a good practical understanding of mains electricity, as it can be lethal if wired up wrong. If in doubt just buy the kit!

Step 2: Cleaning and dissembling

Picture of Cleaning and dissembling
First thing I did was to strip the lamp down and clean all the parts in hot soapy water. The glass was broken so I glued it  with some JB weld.Then I started to think about where I wanted the bulb to be mounted ( from the top or the bottom) and where the cord should come out.
It soon became apparent that the bulb would have to be mounted on the bottom inside the tank, and the cord would have to come out the top as the lamp will be mounted on the ceiling from the handle.
I would have to remove some of the tank to get the light socket to fit, and the power cable would have to go inside the frame and up to the top and out near the handle.
londobali2 years ago
Another great work of yours!

I wish they sell those beautiful vintage bulbs here.. but they dont.. :(
Maybe i'll try and make it with white-yellow LEDs that flicker to simulate real flame? I'll sure make an i'ble for that one if it comes around.. :)
liquidhandwash (author)  londobali2 years ago
Thanks Londobail.
You would get some great looking lamp in Indonesia. I got the bulb from ebay, have a look at
you just have to make sure you get the right voltage for your area, Australia and the UK is 240 volts, the US 110 volts.
I think 10 or more lamps in a restaurant or bar would look pretty cool..
Thx for the tip!
In the US you can buy what are known as "EDISON BULBS" that look like the old hand blown ones from the Edison labs. Once upon a time these were called MAZDA LAMPS (after the Persian god of fire; not the car!) You can surely get them on line but Lowes etc sell them. Just measure your fixture to see if the bulb (not sure if they come in different lengths) will fit the height without touching anything flammable.

There are a bunch of very cool handmade light fixtures DIY out there using these--one source where I see peoples postings often is I am sure if you did a Google for these you would come up with a bunch.
liquidhandwash (author)  valkgurl2 years ago
thanks for the feedback