This is an Electric version of the Pie Face cool game.
It is built out of two servos stacked on each other, one serve as the X axis and the other the Z axis (one moving the spoon and the other lifting the spoon.

Now usually I plan both the electronics and physical casing together, in this case, however, I didn't have the casing materials so I startrd with the electronics and programming building the electronics modular so I could take it apart later to adjust the casing.
This is why I used connectors on the circuit board instead of connecting directly to the components (buttons, servos, buck converter, etc.) .

NOTE: This project ended up costing more then the original game, however it was fun building.

Step 1: Parts

Arduino Pro Mini
2 X SRM 102 Servo (or another alike)
3 X Big push button
3 X 220ohm Resistor
PCB Prototype Board
1 X Buck Converter, 220v AC to 5v DC
Some connectors, Zip Ties and Cables

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