Here I will describe my first Arduino project that I designed and built to automatically open and close two hidden bookcase doors that I build two years ago. To understand the choices used in this design you should first visit the instructable that documents that project.

Step 1: Design Criteria

  1. Reliable, fully automatic open and close mechanism for both door hinges/sliders

  2. Outside open switch should be hidden.

  3. Inside manual switches to open/close doors

  4. Automatically close doors if no motion in room for 2 hours
  5. Low electric power use when in standby
  6. Emergency ingress/egress in case if power/arduino failure
  7. Pinch free if person or object is between closing doors
<p>now everyone is gunna want one! </p>
<p>We gonna make one then.</p>
<p>Now to upgrade to pneumatic actuators to make it faster!</p>
I want it
<p>awesome and escapable in a power out good stuff!</p>
It's a given when I'm building my man cave! Awesome!!
<p>How can you get outside if you get stuck inside in a power outage?</p>
<p>Thought of that already. There are handles on the inside to manually push open the slides. See step 7</p>
<p>Thats so cool!</p><p>One problem though...If I built one it wouldn't be secret for long because I couldn't resist showing everyone!</p><p>Got my vote</p>
<p>I think the entire population from the kids 2nd and 3rd grade know about it ;P</p>
<p>This Wolo red strobe light just came in today so it's not in the videos. It's powered from the ATX 12v power supply. This really pushes the visual effects to 11!</p>
<p>Very cool! I like the sound of the motors: It gives the project a suspense movie vibe! Well done!</p>
<p>It's cool but it's so loud that you could never get away by hiding there! The bad guys would hear that down the hall!</p>
My James Bond dream just came to life man. Thanks a ton ! Here's my vote!
<p>This is by far the coolest secret bookcase I have ever seen!</p>

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