Introduction: Electroforming Jewelry

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Here is some of the things you need or need to to know

Respirator Comfo Classic Respirator Mask with P100 Cartridges

Copper Sulfate Bath Formula For 1 gallon of distilled water- 32oz. Copper Sulfate 120 ml. Sulfuric Acid 10 ml. Brightener

To Mix- Mix the bath 1 or 2.5 gallons at a time. Pour a 2.5 gallon container of distilled water into a CLEAN 5 gallon bucket. Carefully measure the sulfuric acid and add it to the water. Carefully weigh the copper sulfate and add it to the mixture. Carefully measure the brightener and add it to the mixture. Using a 1" thick CLEAN pyrex rod (grind off the sharp end) stir the mixture until all of the copper sulfate has dissolved. Usully takes several minutes of stirring. Be careful not to spill. Pour the mixture into the tank until the desired amount of bath is made.

Note: When mixing NEVER put water into acid! This can result in explosions!ALWAYS put acid into water. Then mix in the copper sulfate.

Note: Additional brightener must be added according to use. This is determined by amp-hours. For every 40 amp-hours you add 10 ml. The basic formula is 1 ml. brightener for every 5 hours at 1 amp.

Conductive Paint and lots of great info about electroforming

Solder Sta-brite 8 1/8" 1#10009 (348-SB861)

Flux Oatey Liquid flux


BenF116 (author)2017-04-20

I have watched your video several times before trying it out. Perhaps you can help me with some of the problems I am running into. I am not having great success though I followed your directions (somewhat loosely). I downsized you proportions to fit an 8 oz mason jar.
1) my conductive paint (Sherri Haab) keeps sloughing off though I let it dry overnight
2) the copper that does form seems too hot and is crumbly red/brown
I tried a 6v battery and a AA and AAA which my multimeter gives a solid 1.5 volt reading for.
Do I need a bigger container to keep my anode and cathode further apart?
I, in an act of desperation, also tried diluting the solution but to no avail.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks much and thank you for the inspiration.

Sugarimp (author)BenF1162017-10-20

A bit late to reply, perhaps.

1), make your own conductive paint with Mod Podge and graphite. There are at least a couple of tutorials on how to do so.

2) Sound like your amperage might be too high. You need to be able to control it to 0.2 per square inch). Get a nobrand rectifier from Ebay or Amazon. They are not that expensive. Look for "regualted DC power supply unit" on google for more options.

3) Yes, a bigger mason jar would help. Don't dilute the solution.

Sugarimp made it! (author)2017-10-20

I've graduated to a larger gallon tub, but there's my first 1/2 gallon setup! I made a knitted wire anode- works marvelously.

(In the pic, I'm forming a little moth sculpture made from leaves and wax).

Also, I have not use any brightener because it is not available where I am, and companies such as Rio Grande won't ship because of international regulations. I've been using sugar instead - it's not the best solution, but it does level the build up somehwhat.

BenF116 (author)2017-04-20

Here is a picture of the set up

celalboz (author)2017-03-31

what a fine instructable..

snoviolet (author)2016-07-04

hi there! beautiful work! thank you so much for the detailed tutorial on electroplating. I have been wondering about all the steps and I finally know. I was wondering about the sealant you use on the ring. It looks like you coat the whole piece. Do you coat the stone or crystal too?

Yes, and some crystals need to be coated before you add the graphite paint because they do not like the sulfuric acid.
Lapis Lazuli, Apatite for small examples hate acid. and Citrate needs to be coated or the sun will turn it white.

I think of the crystals being in a cave without direct light and we bring them into the light without sunscreen.   Other coatings look fake this stuff is thin and tough.  

great info! thank you!

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