Step 6: Day Two

Picture of Day Two
Make sure to avoid touching the lacquered surface of your object. Use gloved hands or tweezers to hold the seed pod, and paint on a thin layer of conductive paint.
glorybe4 years ago
I think electro forming is the wrong terminology. In an electro forming process their is nothing underneath the object at all when completed. It is as if plating is applied until structural thickness is reached and the original object is desolved or removed from the item..
The terminology is correct. It is my understanding that for commercial jewelry applications the core is only removed for advertisement purposes and a it has a little to do with weight. Basically places like Tiffany can't sell an electro formed gold shell and still call it pure 24 karat gold if the positive form is still inside. They remove the core to make more money.
safebat6 years ago
Can also search out Rock & Gem Magazines. I have old articles with alternate power supplies fabricated and use of the lacquer dusted with graphite powder (dry lubricant). This conducts electricity too and was called electroforming of jewelry. Follow on would be to use other solutions and pieces of source metal to electroplate silver or gold over the copper base. As you say, only limit is your imagination.
Cindy7 years ago
What kind of "Conductive paint"??? Where do I get it?