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Hi, aftergetting some electroluminescent stuff for an exercise for to play around, that's my (first) try to build an electroluminescent EAS (and to make a Instructable :-):

I Used:
- an Etch A Sketch (quite obvious :-)
- electroluminescent foil with a corresponding inverter and battery pack
- aluminium bronze
- scotch tape (insulating and keeping aluminium inside
- hot glue (connecting glass & bottom of the EAS

It basically uses the aluminium powder as back electrode for the EL-foil (the original one is removed), which is then moved away with a brush at the top of the painting head inside the EAS.
Just remove the original powder inside the etch a sketch, insert aluminium powder instead. The put a brush/felt on top of the "writing head" of the etch-a-sketch and apply the EL foil behind the glas frame (the side with the removed electrode to the inner room, where the aluminium powder is, which will replace this back electrode).

Since the original housing locks a little bit destroyed, i later added a wooden box around it.

Hopefully the last picture will explain the building process sufficently.

Best regards,


longwinters (author)2013-11-16

Kudos to you for such a unique idea

janth (author)longwinters2013-11-28

Thanks, that was the result of watching too many Jeri Ellsworth videos in a row (When i tried to find out if someone else already did this, i just found - someone else had at least the same suspicion :-)

longwinters (author)janth2013-11-28

Sounds like we have similar tastes in internet sites, check out Ben Krasnow, on Y tube, he makes stuff you would think could only be done in a high tech factory.
There has been many times where identical ideas are created, it does not take away from yours, it's neat.

foobear (author)2013-11-18

that is beautiful

janth (author)foobear2013-11-28

Thanks! ( And low resolution camera, blurred video and twilight was very helpful :-)

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