Picture of Glowing Glasses Hack
You don't have to spend $40 to get yourself a pair of glowing glasses... you can build your own.  This is a really easy hack for under $20 and it will get you a lot of attention.  This hack doesn't use cheap looking LEDs, it uses Electroluminescent Panels and it produces a really amazing effect.  You'll end up turning off your lights in your house and just wearing these.  Great for taking your dog out on walks at night or peeing in the dark.  Get ready to be the center of attention!
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Step 1: The Magical Ingredient: EL DISGUISE

Picture of The Magical Ingredient: EL DISGUISE
The magical ingredient is a new product sold on called EL DISGUISE.

The products are basically a number of electroluminescent disguises that are attached to a stick with an inverter.  They are meant as a photo booth accessories or just to cover up your face to fool around and have fun.  I was a little skeptical at first, but when I was playing with the ones I purchased I was having a lot of fun. Definitely received a lot of "wow, that's such a good idea" from my friends. currently carries four versions: red lips, green glasses, orange mustache (my favorite), and a blue bowler hat.  Normally one costs $20.99 but they were on sale at $15.99 when I bought them.  You will need to purchase the glasses for this hack, obviously.

Step 2: Dissection of EL DISGUISE

Picture of Dissection of EL DISGUISE
Three main components here:

a) electroluminescent panel (need it)
b) plastic stick (keep it so you can poke your eye out later)
c) inverter (need it, this is your power supply and battery)

1) Disconnect the connector between the EL panel and the inverter. 
2) Pull the stick out of the plastic clamp.
3) Optional: purchase an extension cable from  This will give you the length to tuck the inverter in your pant pocket.

Step 3: Peel it back

Picture of Peel it back
Now whether or not this was on purpose, the designer of this product decided to put adhesive on the back of the panels.  This is a WIN! Because of this you don't need any glue for this hack!
azharz2 years ago
Why don't you addthis instructable to Hack it contest?
mrshko (author)  azharz2 years ago
Good idea! Thanks!
azharz mrshko2 years ago
You're Welcome
funshine2 years ago
Finally a product with Electroluminescent Panels - great idea!
Absolutely awesome. Love the moustache too. :D