Step 6: Start Floating

Picture of Start Floating
All that is left to do is start floating the objects.
This is done by holding the object under the magnets and slowly bringing it up. When It nears the point where it wants to float up, push the button. This will set the level to float at to the current height.

Next, hold it just below where you set the hold height, so the LED lights up. Hold it there until it simply floats out of your hand. This happens because the microcontroller slowly adjusts the hold height up, to where the electromagnets have enough power to control the object.

You may also notice some buzzing coming from the electromagnets. This can be easily fixed by inserting some padding around the electromagnets.

If you do make this I would love to see some photos. It would also be great to hear any comments you have.
wonder if you could beef it up and make floating furniture
And then sit in it. That would be awesome. Or a floating bed-sized ferofulid ball that you could sleep on.
it would suck if it stopped working when you were sleeping SMACK!

"Hey, what happened to the power..." *BOOM* "Whups, grandpa's up"

i think the ferofluid would be a bad idea the second you lay on it you would fall through and be soaked in it. not to mention you might drown.
Fill a waterbed with it?
that would probably work better but theres no telling what shape it would be or if it would float at all
they actually do have floating beds but they are expensive
send me a link i'd like 2 luk at it

I need to check this out at home

ob103ninja1 year ago

I wonder if you could coat a gemstone with molten iron on one end and float it.

Or if you could float liquid iron itself, since the process of making permanent magnets does involve melting the metal.

bkrishnan14 years ago
its very nice can you send which electromagnetic coil used
i was wondering if you could put a seperate coile to power a lap floater or if that would interupt the field holding it up
i wonder if you could intigrate this into a vehicle and like have a second one in the back that pulsed to propel the car forward then you could sink magnets into the streets
Wannabe1177 years ago
Hey was wondering is their anyway you could create a small "spin" in the magnetic field to make your object spin slowly all day would look great, also this is my first project and would like to know what substitue parts i could use as i cant find the entire list in my area
Actually, this could be accomplished fairly easily, without what most would consider a motor, but it would require making another device almost identical to the original floater. You could hide a small vertical conducting loop in your object and add a second solenoid pointing sideways at the object. This magnetic field induces a current in the loop by Faraday's Law when its plane is not parallel to the magnetic field (which it never perfectly is), and there's a torque on the resulting current loop in the preexisting magnetic field. The only caveat is that like any electric motor, the torque will switch directions every time the plane of the loop crosses the field and, if left on, drive the loop to that parallel position. So you have to pulse the magnetic field to be on only for half of the time, for which you would need another sensor and essentially be building a second floater. Electric motors accomplish this switching either with a moving wire brush contact or with electronic timing. I would suggest an optical sensor and a marking on your object. To get really sneaky, you could make it an infrared sensor and get some infrared reflective paint so no one can tell the difference.
, make the base bigger, I would add a motor to it, and have it spin, though add the rare earth magnets on the motor and have it balanced will be tricky
whatsgood5 years ago
 Sweet! Thats awesome.
 I think its anything metal. 
MrmHend5 years ago
Will Any Object Float?
no..i think it has to be magnetic..i suppose that the yarn ball has some kind of magnet inside of it..
nicka1016 years ago
you could even float the ferromagnetic fluid allone although it may need some kind of contaner to keep it a float
i was thinking... since the power jack is a 1/8" audio jack, if you used a jack converter and plugged the device into a cd player/iPod, would the change in the electrical signal when you play a song sort of move the magnet with the music? would an amplification system be needed to strengthen the signals to sufficiently power the device, if this was all possible?
0_Nvd_06 years ago
For circular rotation, just add a magnet at any side of the object. Use a coil to pick up the field of that magnet, when it gets near to it. Then, give a current pulse to the same coil after a delay in such a polarity that the magnet is repelled.
xwx6 years ago
This is awesome I gotta try this soon!
What happens if you surround your object in ferromagnetic fluid?
Dr. Guru6 years ago
I'm going to try this at some point, how much did this project total in cost? Great project!