This pen-like object turns into a magnet, an electromagnet. How it all works: When a DC power supply goes through a coil of magnet wire, some of the energy is stored around the coil in a field. Introducing my first instructable: Electromagnetic Pen!
(Doesn't actually write. Just looks close to a pen) You don't have to use battery holder, you can use a bench-top power supply! 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AERfL4Q5JJo   < around ten second video!

Step 1:

Tools needed:

Soldering gun


Helping Hands (optional)

Wire strippers

Wire cutters

If I use some tools not listed. I will post.


Magnet wire (a lot)

Electrical tape

Steel rod (Mine is a 6 inch steel rod) Better if you use iron.

Heat shrink (just a little bit shorter than steel rod. The rod should slide through the heat shrink easily)

Small push button (momentary- Completes circuit when pressed) 

Battery holder (doesn't matter size. Just don't use a 9v or it will get too hot. Or use a desktop power supply)

what is the intended application of this? I can imagine some uses but am more interested in applications you had in mind
Hello, thanks for viewing this instructable. I made this to help get parts out of my small parts bin. It is hard to get what I want out of it so I made this to help.
u should rename it to E.M.P eletrical magnat pen!!!!
I'd love to see examples of general uses for this: wiping cards, hard drives, causing havoc... the usual!
Well, It is not very strong but when you have bigger steel rod and more current, the stronger it will be! (Not for use to delete memory off hard drives! hehe)
Oh, but of course!<br>;)
wonder if you up the gauses and perhaps make a point at one end (perhaps use a screw or nail in the end) if one could draw patterns on steel, and then get metal filings to stick. <br>
The next logical step is to create a functioning pen with an electromagnet concealed inside....<br><br>I can almost smell the mayhem.
I'm not so sure I get the point of making an electromagnetic pen, but I really like the white board as photo background technique! It let's you add notes and arrows, and as much text as you can fit in the photo. Brilliant! I'm going to use that technique on an 'ible one of these days.

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