Part ONE of the webshooter how to.

We will soon upgrade it, make it more powerful, add the "web" :>

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

Bill of materials:

- some wire for all the electrical connections

- copper wire (make sure its coated, the red insulated stuff will work also though, just no BARE copper!)

- 1mm aluminum sheet (size depends on your wristband)

- wristband (from an old watch or just a leather strap, modified ladies belt)

- disposable camera board

- 2 momentary switches

- old CD case

- 5-10 caps from cameras OR 1 big capacitor 350V 800uF

- 4mm screw aka projectile (make it around 10mm long, the coil 15mm long)

- LOT of patience and common sense !

- drill (dremel will do)

- handsaw / jigsaw

- soldering iron

- hot glue gun + sticks

- sharp knife

- screwdriver

Step 2: The How-to-video Guide:

BE CAREFUL! Its high voltage!! Never touch anything with both hands, when you tested the circuit!

The charge can kill you or hurt you. Always short the caps with a "heavy" screwdriver or something.

A picture may be closer???<br>
Oh and when will the upgrade version come out
The what?
The ummmmmm like tutorial for the web sorry my bad
Any help is much appreciated
Hey I am a beginner at this stuff and I have watched the tutorial on YouTube and I was wondering a couple questions. I was wondering if you could make a more descriptive tutorial for us beginners
<p>where we will get the material</p>
I do not support lazy guys...look for it -.- come on
Hey I'm a huge fan of your channel on YouTube and I love this specific project and I am just wondering where I should hook the wires to the metal tube and run into the capacitor banks and I may have more questions thank you for your patience again huge fan lol
Wires to the metal tube....ok....you better start with something else my friend. This thing can kill you. Start with something simpler for the beginning.
You probably get this a lot but I checked all the previous comments and didn't see it so I'll ask anyway...<br>Where can one find a schematic for this capacitor charging circuit? Where can one find a schematic for any capacitor charging circuit? <br>Thanks and sorry in advance ;)
Its upped here and on youtube. You dont even need a diagram, just follow the instructions.
So there is no schematic- just instructions? <br><br>Thanks for your patience.
Rather than use the camera's charging circuit, I want to build my own circuit on a PCB. That way I can make it smaller (even watch-sized) and thus more realistic. That's why I asked for the schematic ;)
um, your video isn't a video. its a picture.
<p>NEXT step you genius xD video at the end.</p>
<p>Just a tip don't make the people who are viewing, commenting, and potentially voting feel stupid.</p>
<p>Lol! Hey guys, I really think the reply was funny and really I thought the author didn't mean it in a harsh way(its like me speaking to my little brother), or with an intent to make him so demoralised and stupid. </p><p>And Kudos to this post! I'm a great fan of Spidey, so going to get down to do this.. When and if i have the time! LOL XD</p>
<p>^^ you totally got it. I have a li brother. And some friends who like to act like Patrick Stars.</p>
<p>Not my fault if they cant even click all the way through. Come on.</p>
<p>I recognize that, but people are more likely to vote for an instructable if they like the author. I don't mean to cause any problems... I am just trying to give you a tip that I think will help you get more followers, and votes in the future.</p>
<p>Thx.</p><p>They should like the HONEST people though. You really believe all of the nice guys are really nice guys? Probably not ^^ and I have a weird sense of humor. Im not really an ass, even if it looks like it.</p>
<p>I am a maker, I am not really patient with people, I admit that. And I will never pamper anyone. If you dont even have seen it all, dont comment yet ^^ and its</p><p>about liking what I do, not liking me.</p>

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