Electromagnetic Spiderman Weblauncher


Introduction: Electromagnetic Spiderman Weblauncher

Part ONE of the webshooter how to.

We will soon upgrade it, make it more powerful, add the "web" :>

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

Bill of materials:

- some wire for all the electrical connections

- copper wire (make sure its coated, the red insulated stuff will work also though, just no BARE copper!)

- 1mm aluminum sheet (size depends on your wristband)

- wristband (from an old watch or just a leather strap, modified ladies belt)

- disposable camera board

- 2 momentary switches

- old CD case

- 5-10 caps from cameras OR 1 big capacitor 350V 800uF

- 4mm screw aka projectile (make it around 10mm long, the coil 15mm long)

- LOT of patience and common sense !

- drill (dremel will do)

- handsaw / jigsaw

- soldering iron

- hot glue gun + sticks

- sharp knife

- screwdriver

Step 2: The How-to-video Guide:

BE CAREFUL! Its high voltage!! Never touch anything with both hands, when you tested the circuit!

The charge can kill you or hurt you. Always short the caps with a "heavy" screwdriver or something.



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i can use a 9v battery?

I want make this but i not understand because i speak spanish xD

A picture may be closer???

The ummmmmm like tutorial for the web sorry my bad

Any help is much appreciated

Hey I am a beginner at this stuff and I have watched the tutorial on YouTube and I was wondering a couple questions. I was wondering if you could make a more descriptive tutorial for us beginners

I do not support lazy guys...look for it -.- come on

Hey I'm a huge fan of your channel on YouTube and I love this specific project and I am just wondering where I should hook the wires to the metal tube and run into the capacitor banks and I may have more questions thank you for your patience again huge fan lol

1 reply

Wires to the metal tube....ok....you better start with something else my friend. This thing can kill you. Start with something simpler for the beginning.

You probably get this a lot but I checked all the previous comments and didn't see it so I'll ask anyway...
Where can one find a schematic for this capacitor charging circuit? Where can one find a schematic for any capacitor charging circuit?
Thanks and sorry in advance ;)

3 replies

Its upped here and on youtube. You dont even need a diagram, just follow the instructions.

So there is no schematic- just instructions?

Thanks for your patience.

Rather than use the camera's charging circuit, I want to build my own circuit on a PCB. That way I can make it smaller (even watch-sized) and thus more realistic. That's why I asked for the schematic ;)

NEXT step you genius xD video at the end.

Just a tip don't make the people who are viewing, commenting, and potentially voting feel stupid.