Electronic Components Art


Introduction: Electronic Components Art

Here are figurines made of old electronic stuff.

Step 1: Materials

-a soldering iron (and soldier)
-some old components, motherboard or other electronic stuff

-metal wire (for the structure)

Step 2: Your Creation

There are not really steps to be followed it is just to create what you want
I recommend you to use the wire to make a structure on which we add components, in this way your figurine will be stronger and it will be easier to weld your components

Step 3: Examples

Personally I have already realized three figurines

Please if you realize it, send photos to comments, I am curious



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    1 Questions

    do you have instagram account brother, i love your works ;)


    ho no sorry


    It very nice, when read it I was have new idea for my project. Thank you very much.

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    thank you huuduc52 :D

    Very clever use of materials. Nicely done!!

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