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I, like my friends, eat a lot of Tic-Tacs. I collect all of our containers to use them for stuff. I was looking at the week's haul of containers when I realized that they could be use to store small electronic components such as LEDs or capacitors. Sorry for the poor image quality, I used my crap camera.


Yonatan24 (author)2015-10-18

Too small for me...

Yonatan24 (author)Yonatan242015-10-18

If there was a tic-tac box that was about 100 times bigger that would have been better

at first i thought you were using a pill pot, some pills look just like electronic components so someone might end up being "prescribed" a 220 ohm resistor. ha ha

TechBender (author)2009-03-13

I use these at work as paperclip dispensers. God I love Tic-Tac packs.

freerunnin1 (author)2009-01-02

try the old cassette tape cases (not video tapes, the old music tapes) :)

acaz93 (author)2008-09-18

hey , whe have the same dymo ! (mine is blue though)

crap-mera great term

Derin (author)acaz932008-09-26

me too,i have the same white dymo

qwertyboy (author)acaz932008-09-19

wow, small world. my dad has the same one too, except it's silver.

shadowninja31 (author)2008-09-25


biochemtronics (author)2008-09-19

This is a great idea for storing those small parts. I was looking around the craft section at Wal Mart yesterday and found that they sell little plastic containers almost identical to these. They even have the same flip top lid. It could be the same thing for all I know. About a dozen of them come in a larger plastic container to make storing them easier. And everything is clear like the ones you used so it is easy to see the contents. I think they are designed to store beads. There are about 2 dozen of the smaller boxes in each of the larger boxes and they only cost a few dollars. They would be great for those that do not want to spend a fortune on Tic Tacs.

qwertyboy (author)biochemtronics2008-09-20

that sounds like a good idea

westfw (author)2008-09-18

Pretty nice. I have a fair number of components in pill bottles, but square boxes like the tictacs pack and stack a lot better. Be careful with semiconductors, though; that sort of plastic can generate a lot of static...

qwertyboy (author)westfw2008-09-19

i don't have any semiconductors, but that's good advice. thanks!

qwertyboy (author)qwertyboy2008-09-20

nevermind, i have some transistors...

Phil B (author)2008-09-18

It would take me a long time to go through that many Tic Tacs, but a good idea. The clear plastic cases make it easy to see how many of an item are in each container. Sorry about the very soft focus on some of the images. A bit over a year ago I bought a Kodak Z710 camera. The macro setting combined with the auto-focus is, IMHO, amazing. I expect the newer cameras in the series are good on close-ups, too. Take a look at the close-up I did of a transistor on a circuit board in an Instructable I did on "Fix a non-working electronic fly swatter."

shooby (author)2008-09-18

Not bad not bad. A little small though for some components, especially if they have leads attached.

=SMART= (author)2008-09-18

hey thats a great idea !!

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