Step 8: Using the electronic diaper

Picture of Using the electronic diaper

My subject did not cooperate as she refused to have a go with the electronic diaper.  Maybe the robot logo scared her.  It's hard to say.  So, I settled for a simulation. I cut a small slit on the back side of a new diaper and inserted the wetness probe.  I poured 2 ounces of water and the electronic diaper worked it's magic.  It instantly notified me it's time to change the diaper.  Success!

The electronic diaper is not a toy.  It has small parts not suitable for human consumption.  While all precautions have been taken in lieu of safety, the possibility also exists of electic shock.  Ask a certified electronic engineer if the electronic diaper is right for you.

hubi4 years ago
this is a cool idea!!!
but you could do all of this with only one 555, easier with two

jeff-o4 years ago
Ha, that's fantastic. I think my son and daughter would try to yank it right off though! Be sure to let us know if your test subject ever gives it a try.