Electronic Experiment Fun Kit





Introduction: Electronic Experiment Fun Kit

Connect a 3-color LED and buzzer on the 9V battery.

The buzzer sounds interesting.

The sound changes to the color change of the LED.

Step 1:

Video for connecting electronic circuits.

Step 2:

Connect the temperature sensor.

The operating temperature falls.



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    11 Discussions

    Where do you find these Sokit connectors ? A Google search found nothing.

    7 replies

    Hélas non !
    I've tried many search engines but none of them found anything except for the Youtube link of our friend's instructable.
    Thanks anyway.

    Thanks, it can indeed help but this is not the same.


    I know this kind of products, they don't suit for prototyping as they've got solder to melt with a heat gun.

    Where do you get the 2 pin rgb leds?


    Fun project. I know that my son would love to play around with this kit.