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Connect a 3-color LED and buzzer on the 9V battery.

The buzzer sounds interesting.

The sound changes to the color change of the LED.

Step 1:

Video for connecting electronic circuits.

Step 2:

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Connect the temperature sensor.

The operating temperature falls.


rafununu (author)2015-12-10

Where do you find these Sokit connectors ? A Google search found nothing.

serfixalot (author)rafununu2016-02-06

This might help.

serfixalot (author)rafununu2015-12-16

Possibly Radio Shack?

rafununu (author)serfixalot2015-12-17

Hélas non !
I've tried many search engines but none of them found anything except for the Youtube link of our friend's instructable.
Thanks anyway.

rafununu (author)serfixalot2015-12-18

Thanks, it can indeed help but this is not the same.

serfixalot (author)rafununu2015-12-18

Here another Co. I'm not sure if they sell small quantities to the public. You could call and ask them.

rafununu (author)serfixalot2015-12-19


I know this kind of products, they don't suit for prototyping as they've got solder to melt with a heat gun.

Dark Master (author)2015-12-13

Where do you get the 2 pin rgb leds?

Obdulio (author)2015-12-11


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-09

Fun project. I know that my son would love to play around with this kit.

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