Step 10: Wire the Flash

Connect the red wire that you soldered to the flash terminal to pin 6.

Connect the black wire to pin 4.
<p>I cant find the schematic, is it still here?</p>
I made this mistake on a camera that had both M and X sockets which happened to be identical. It resulted in photos that were 2/3 lit and 1/3 dark. Both lit and dark were good photos, but having the line 1/3 across every photo ruined them.
Your camera must have had a focal plane shutter rather than a leaf shutter in the lens?
Yes. It was a fantastically old and heavy (meaning nice stability) SLR, and I had not been informed on the difference between flashes. Once I knew of the mistake, I was able to avoid it in the future. Unfortunately that camera has been stolen and I'm being forced to digital anyway. :-(
Cool! <br>

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