Electronic Organ





Introduction: Electronic Organ

This project is based on IC555 timer circuit that is capable of providing the set of musical notes: DO, RE, MI, ........ And with the help of some components and essential devices, the project can be made.   The circuit is basically an oscillator constituted with an integrated circuit 555 and some different values of resistor to generate a signal output with different frequencies.  In a nutshell, if you assemble this project, you will obtain a circuit generates musical notes.  The Electronic Organ is a musical instrument that can work with 12V or 9V even 5Volt is enough to develop its work.  Then, you can use a 9V battery.

Copy and Paste so that you can see the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZMq5LCfs2c

Step 1: Bill of Materials

2 Breadboard 3.25" X 2.125" 400 Point
9 Switch Tactile OFF-ON Single Pole
2 Resistors of 6.8K, 1/4W
2 Resistors of 4.7K, 1/4W
2 Resistors of 3.3K, 1/4W
2 Resistors of 2.2K, 1/4W
1 Resistor of 5.6K, 1/4W
1 Resistor of 8.2K, 1/4W
1 Resistor of 10K, 1/4W
1 IC555 Timer
1 Electrolytic Capacitor of 22μF, 50V
1 Capacitor of 0.01μF, 100V
1 Capacitor of 0.1μF, 50V
1 Speaker of 8&, 0.25W

Step 2: Module of Tactile Switches

Identify the pines of tactile switches and mount them on the breadboard.  Observe the sequence of photos so that you can do this project without problems.  In the following picture, you can see the details of the pines of connection of a Tactile Switch:


A                      C

Connect all pines D of each Tactile Switch to the terminal positive of your breadboard while all connections with the resistors are to the pines A. 

Step 3: Module of IC555 Timer

Step 1
 Identify the pines of IC555 and mount it on the other breadboard.

Step 2
Connect the resistor of 10K between the pines 6 and 7 of the IC555.

Step 3
Connect the pines 2 and of the IC555.

Step 4
Connect the capacitor of 0.1μF between Terminal GND (-) and pin 2 of the integrated circuit 555.

Step 5
Connect the capacitor of 0.01μF between Terminal GND (-) and pin 5 of the IC555.

Step 6
Connect the pin 1 of the IC555 to Terminal GND (-).

Step 7
Connect the resistor of 6.8K to pin 7 of the IC555 and leave pending the other terminal to connect later to the resistor of 4.7K.

Step 8
Connect the pines 4 and 8 to terminal positive.

Step 9
Connect the Electrolytic capacitor of 22μF between the pin 3 of the IC555 and the speaker: terminal positive to pin3 and terminal negative to the speaker.  The speaker will be connected to terminal negative of the breadboard and terminal negative of the electrolytic capacitor of 22μF.

Step 4: Complete Your Electronic Organ

For completing your project, you need to connect the pending terminal of the resistror of 6.8K to the resistor of 4.7K and with this you can join both breadboards.   Also, you need to connect the terminal positives of both breadboards and with this you unify the project as a whole: Your Electronic Organ.



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