A wooden piggy bank that counts the amount of money that is put in, using flex sensor and reset button to control and displayed with a LCD screen.

Step 1: Tutorials From the SIK Guide (SparkFun RedBoard)

we used the LCD tutorial (#15) as a main operating system, and we added the flex sensor(#9) and the control button(#5) to the operating system. we combine the coding and the wiring together to make one system.

Step 2: Making a Wood Box

we spray painted the wood box first, and then cut out a few holes for wires, the LCD

Step 3: Assemble

we taped all the sensors and the arduino board to the inside of the box and then we nailed all the wooden pieces together.

<p>Very cool! Was this done for a school project? </p>
<p>Yes! this is for Gov School for Science and Engineering in TN. We did this in one week for every morning. </p>

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