Electronic Predator Call

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Don't spend a lot of money purchasing a Predator Call. Make your own for $15.00. Your's may cost a little more because I already had some of the parts.

Parts List

1     Radio Shack Mini Amplified Speaker
       Part # 277-1008    $14.99

1     9 volt battery to power speaker

1     Old computer speaker or other small speaker

2      Radio Shack 1/8 stereo audio cables
        Part # 42-890       $4.00 each

1     MP3 player

Coyote Image courtesy of Hal Brindley""
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Step 1: Program your MP3 Player

Picture of Program your MP3 Player
Go to the following internet site and download predator sounds. Once you have the predator sounds you want upload them to your MP3 player. You can also download a free program called audacity that you can use to mix your own sounds.

Step 2: Connect the Cables

Picture of Connect the Cables
Plug one end of the Radio Shack 1/8 stereo audio cables into the output of your MP3 player. Plug the other end into the top output of your Radio Shack Shack mini amplified speaker.( it will be marked on the side of the speaker as input). Take your second Radio Shack 1/8 stereo audio cable and cut it in half. You will need to strip the ends of this cable so you can wire it to your old computer speaker. Plug the other end into the second output  of the Radio Shack Shack mini amplified speaker( it will be marked on the side of the speaker as EXT Speaker).

*NOTE Don't forget to install the 9 volt battery in the Radio Shack mini amplified speaker.


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