Electronic Space Shuttle





Introduction: Electronic Space Shuttle

I made this project that link together two of my favourite fields : electronic and space. This space shuttle is made entirely from scratch.

Step 1: Plans

The space shuttle is a very nice looking space-craft. I didn't want my model to be disproportionate, so I recommand you to print this plan and use it as a template during the construction.

Step 2: Material

For this project you'll need:

-Electronic circuit in which you can take the components (and the epoxy green board)

-A soldering iron and soldier

-The template (step 1)

-Tools like saw, file, sandpaper, pliers ...

Step 3: The Base

These five pictures show the chronology of the base making :

1- Remove all the components of a board

2- Place the template on it and make sure there is enough space

3- Draw the shape with a marker

4- Cut roughly the external shape with a hand saw

5- Sand (sand belt, file or sandpaper) to have a nice shape

⚠️ Take precautions during the sanding (wear a mask)

Step 4: The Rudder

The rudder is a piece that I cut directly with ordinary scissors in a board of an old hard drive disc.

Then sand the edges with a fine sandpaper to make it nice and clean

Step 5: The Main Body

This step is the most creative one you can make the body as you want!

For my part I welded a capacitor in the middle and I placed two integrated circuits above it.

Then I made the sides of the body with all kinds of little components (resistors, ceramic capacitors ...).

I made the nose of the shuttle with two IC, one LED and differents kinds of resistors.

For the engines part I used three capacitors and two quartz.

Step 6: [tip]

When you have to weld a component to the board you can re-use the pre-existing holes of the board! plus, these holes are already tinned.

Step 7: The Base

I made a little base from scrap wood, I glued a bended wire on the back and I welded the other extremity to the shuttle. This is very simple and it makes a nice support for the space shuttle !

Step 8: End

This project is done, I hope you like it! if so, let me know in comments ;)



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There are also white PCBs out there (on Macs for example). I bet the shuttle would look even more dope like that!

2 Questions


I didin't buy it ! I found it in my biiiiig case of old circuit board :)

if you want one, open some big electronic devices (like TV, old computers,...) and keep all the boards

Do you think this technique could work for reconstructed versions of those online printable 3D models (cut out the shapes on the PCB instead of cardstock or paper)?


yes why not, the pcb is a nice and easy to find material, and if it's the appearance that you want it is a good idea. ;)


That's really cool. I love the time and effort you took to select just the right components for each part.

Can't wait to see what you make next.

1 reply

When it will be done, please let me see it in "I made it" :D

Sure! A bit busy at the moment but I will return to building it soon :D

haha yeah why not !

hi, thanks I saw that you also made a space shuttle but in a different way ! that's sooo cool !

Yeah, I'm glad to find more people who likes the good old space shuttle. Good luck on the contest!

I have an several old tablet circuit boards & TONS of components. I will give this a go. Thanks Dude!!!!

I made it and had a good time with my little brother. Thanks again!

oh so cool ! please takes pictures and post it in "I Made It !" I Want to see that !!

Pretty Cool! I like it!! Two of my favorite fields also. Does the LED up front light up or anything?

1 reply

No it don't light up. I use it only for the shape of the LED, the nose of the shuttle is a pretty hard part to make with components due to the curves, and the LED is the only components I found to make that nose :)

if one day you make something similar you can make it glow, it is completely possible :D