Step 12: Mount

For our purposes, the flat side of the cabinet handle will be considered the front.

Pass the red and black wires of the piezo through the hole you just drilled from front to back.

Epoxy the piezo to the cabinet handle such that the flat side of the piezo is facing out.

Be careful to leave a tiny bit of space between the cabinet handle and the solder points on the piezo (just in case the handle is conductive).
<div>Could this plug in to speakers? </div>
is this workng? or can i replace the piezo with a microphone??
<p>this project's piezo is not enough filtering. when we turn unit on i hear static and if i lightly tap the Piezo i <br>hear the tapping but i dont hear any heart beat, not sure what to do? Please send me new stethoscope new peoject</p>
<p>thanx for share</p>
<p>Cool man. Great instructables.</p>
<p>Could you please reveal me how much does it costs to make a similar prototype..?</p>
<p>I do not think the Piezo is sensitive enough, if i was to use a microphone will this improve my chances of repairing this problem. Could someone please respond to my questions?</p>
<p>We made the Electronic Stethoscope and it does not work, when we turn unit on i hear static and if i lightly tap the Piezo i hear the tapping but i dont hear any heart beat, not sure what to do???/</p>
Got a new crossbow. Now only if somebody would get me a zombie...
It's my first time doing this stuff so I'm wondering if I can replace the MPF102 transistors because the shops near me don't have them
How important is it to have a 90dB piezo pulse? How can I tell what type of Piezo pulse I have? <br>
its great job .
hello <br>I have seen the draft electronic stethoscope and my really liked but I need to know how to calculate the value of the resistance and capacity of the circuit <br>thank you kindly answer me <br>I hope to answer as soon as possible <br>
Where do you wire the battery in circuit board?
Where the 9V is and where the GND is. All points going into 9V go to the positive and all points going to GND go to the positive part of the battery.
Can someone lend me a schematic? It will a great help. Thanks!
I am a novice interested in building one of these... Several of the parts are missing and I'm scared to order another piezo for example without understanding the impacts of different dB and electrical ratings. Any ideas anyone?
Could this plug in to speakers? <br>
These guys are hacks, and worse than that, liars. They go through all the effort of making an instructional video and then, rather than show an audio clip of the device working, they cutely play crickets instead of a heartbeat. <br> <br>The reason is it does not work. <br> <br>I have the same setup and no matter what I do the piezo pad does not pickup my heartbeat. <br> <br>They filmed and photographed every step. It wasn't until they got to the end that they realized it wasn't going to work. Rather than admit defeat, they publish what they have without results. <br> <br>Do not waste your time.
How to wire the panel mount audio jack? Im still prototyping on breadboard and Im hopelessly stuck...
Has anyone gotten this working?
Where do I solder the Mono Panel-Mount Audio Jack?
If this is going to be used for very low frequencies (that's the whole idea of a stethoscope), then the .047 uF between the 4.7k and 10k volume control should be replaced with a much larger capacitor, 1 uF or more. The positive end should go towards the 4.7k.<br><br>And since you already have a volume control, why not just replace the 1k between pins 1 and 8 with the 10uF capacitor recommended in the datasheet. BTW, even if you use the resistor, the datasheet still recommends using the 10uF capacitor in series with it.
is there any equivalent of lm386. I do have lm380 can i use it.....?
I'm actually building this with LM358. It should work but make sure you use the correct pinouts.
I'm so building this one :)
Nicely done!
Great instructable :D nice video as well, although it would of been nice to see the stethoscope actually working :P

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