Introduction: Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe With RGB LEDs

RGB LED game to play Tic-Tac-Toe for two players. Uses 2 AVR Microcontrollers: Mega16 and Mega8. RGB LEDs allow each user to choose his/her color to represent Cross/Nut.


bercioiu (author)2012-02-10

For video uploading you can use YOUTUBE! Where is the "instructable:?

BrunoG (author)2009-09-13

Cool i loved it....mmmm I think you might put a diagram or something like that

Unsafe At Any Speed (author)2008-01-30

Why stop at Tic-Tac-Toe? Some people may remember the old Merlin game from the 80's. It had a matrix of LEDs like this and it had, I think, 9 or 10 games. How about Concentration or Computer Wack-A-Mole?

WHACK A MOLE IS FUN! I want 2 see someone make that.. then be the tester of it!

mrmath (author)2008-01-04

Is it me, or is this not an instructable. It doesn't tell us how to do it, just that it was done.

zachninme (author)mrmath2008-01-04

You're right! Its a video, not an instructable.
[Frenchcrawler explains this wonderfully!]

mrmath (author)zachninme2008-01-04

Shouldn't the video still be instructing us in something, instead of just showing us? I've seen other video instructables, and they always give a step by step on how to do something.

zachninme (author)mrmath2008-01-04

"What kind of videos can I post?
Submit your how-to videos, show off what you have made or are currently making. Just make sure the videos are your own."

mrmath (author)zachninme2008-01-04

My mistake, then.

zachninme (author)zachninme2008-01-04

[ Err...]

zachninme (author)2008-01-04

Cool. I'm curious, though, why did you need to use two microcontrollers? Although the seven segment displays might be a bit tricky, you could probably multiplex them with the rest of the LEDs.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-04

Nice job, I might do this if I can, looks real nice.

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