Introduction: Electronic Waste Bracelet

In this instructable I will show you how to make a bracelet out of old electro-scrap.

Step 1: Required Tools and Materials

You need:
- Soldering iron and solder
- cable remains that fit around your wrist.
- electronic waste

Step 2: The Components to Be Used Must Be Unsoldered

Soldering the components that you want to use from the electrical scrap.

Step 3: Preparation of the Cable

Next, the casing must be removed from the cable and the cable must be soldered.

Step 4: Arrangement of the Components

Arrange the components so on that you like it.

Step 5: Solder the Parts

Now solder your parts arranged between the cable.

Step 6: The Closure

Forms two hook at the open end of the cable as a closure for the bracelet.

Step 7: The Closed Bracelet

Now you can close the bracelet.

Step 8: Finished Bracelet

that's it, we're done with our work.
Here again, the finished piece of jewelry from electrical waste.



I love jewelry made out of electrical parts, it looks so cool!

knexbug (author)2014-05-03

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knexbug (author)2014-05-03

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